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Geekark PBT Dye-Subbed Electronic Keycap Set

Geekark PBT Dye-Subbed Electronic Keycap Set

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Product Description
Reminiscent of a retro command prompt or a minimalistic circuit board, the Electronic Keycap Set from Geekark adds an electrifying touch to any keyboard. Designed by Hongoo, the set features a lime-green, black, and gray-white color scheme that’s both timeless and futuristic Read More


  • Geekark
  • Designed by Hongoo
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: Dye-subbed PBT


Estimated ship date is Dec 20, 2021 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

Recent Activity
Hello, everyone, I am Hongoo, the author of this set of electronic keycaps. I am very sorry to update everyone on the progress of the electronics in this way. The original electronic pbt foundry by geekark, which was started in the drop, has been sublimated. The specific reason for the flow group is that the production foundry company geekark has not successfully solved the new mold problem after changing the mold at the beginning of this year, resulting in a large backlog of orders. I have also communicated with the foundry party geekark many times during the closing of the group until this month. The answer I got was that the price of the goods was requested to be increased due to the increase in materials and other reasons, and the specific delivery time and construction period could not be given. Another set of products manufactured by geekark has not been able to be produced and shipped so far. I am very sorry for that. I have also considered replacing the foundry to give everyone the option of shipping on time, but the opening of the group promotion illustrates the advantages of the geekark factory material, and replacing other foundries may not achieve the hand feel performance mentioned in the promotion. So after thinking about it, I decided to streamline the electronics. I'm really sorry for everyone's waiting. If there is a chance, the electronics will meet with you in the form of spot after changing the foundry, and once again apologize for this incident.
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