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Everglide Bamboo Leaf Mechanical Switches

Everglide Bamboo Leaf Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
With satisfying tactility, ample pretravel, and durable components, the Bamboo Leaf switch from Everglide is a refreshing and natural-feeling choice for tactile fans. Requiring 62 grams of force for actuation, it features a moderate tactile bump at each keystroke Read More

Customer Reviews

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Not a huge fan
If you comparing them to holy panda, glorious pandas, or everglide's own other tactile switch the dark jade black, this feels inferior to all of them out of the box. it's more scratchy and less satisfying for me compared to the others. I'm fairly disappointed. In general i think everglide is doing a great job with switches. The aqua kings may be my favorite out of the box linear switches, their dark jade black i actually like better than the holy panda and glorious. This switch is as expensive as any of them and just doesn't feel as nice. If this were a little cheaper it would be a nice stop gap between those premium switches. For over $100 USD for 110 is tough to recommend these at that price point. EDIT: i came back to change my review after adding these to a keyboard. i had 23 switches that didn't work because of multi-able inputs on single key stroke or just not working period. for a 65% keyboard that is unacceptable. more so for how much these cost. Seriously - AVOID
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May 27, 2021
Andy_WhoI've had a set of these sitting in a draw for months and finally mounted them to a hotswap TKL and have found some switches to be overly sensitive. Even a slight amount of pressure is enough to register a keystroke. I have found this issue on about about a dozen out of 90 I purchased.
Jul 12, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Terrible QA
I just got around to installing these. While putting them on a 65% board, I found 19(!!) bad switches. Holy crap, that’s a horrible failure rate. They have the same problem mentioned by others. A slight jiggle of the stem causes the switch to actuate. I’m just glad I installed them on a hot swap board. If I had soldered these in and found 19 bad switches, I probably would have blacked out. It’s a real shame, because I like the feel and sound. Oh well. @MxZero temper your expectations, my dude Update Oct 19, 2021: These are garbage. Even after weeding out the defective switches, I'm still unhappy with the ones that are left. A couple that were good when I installed them have since developed the oversensitivity problem. Even the "good" ones have an actuation distance that is way too short. All of them are going in the bin.
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Aug 20, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Too jank
It's a nice feeling switch if you were to pair with a polycarb plate, catch is that I had about 20 faulty switches 'minimum'. The fault being that the switch would be permanently active and the only way to stop it was to hold the switch down against the switch housing (away from the switches contact point), which isn't happening in regular use ofc. The other fault being that the activation point was way too early where I could blow against it with a keycap on and it'd activate xD. I tried opening two switches to inspect closer and tried them again, one of the two originally faulty ones did start working normally. So if you were really eager you could attempt some valiant adjustments, but that kind of effort really isn't worth it. It's a hit or miss switch.
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May 13, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Basically Trash
Exactly as advertised, just not on this site. These are pretty much exactly the same as Dark Jades, so you can watch reviews about that. Sharp and light tactile bump - less tactile than a T1. Beautiful color. I'll come back to say if they all work. I bought them for a build I'm waiting for (a GB set for late summer) ---- Update: After a long wait for my new keeb, I found out that 1/4th of these don't work properly. All of them actuate, so they technically work, but one quarter of them actuate by wobbling the stem, when I barely just touch the key. I was debating finding all they keys that don't work and just using the ones that do (on a 60%), but I'd rather not end up having some more break and have to replace them anyway. Not sure what to do with these now. Maybe I'll save them for a macropad. Don't buy these.
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