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Everglide Flash Silver Switches

Everglide Flash Silver Switches

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Product Description
With a brand name like Everglide, it’s obvious that these switches are going to come with consistent action, but the Everglide Flash Silver Switches also bring quick, satisfying actuation force for that little bit of added speed. That’s thanks to the 3.4-millimeter stainless steel spring that delivers a shorter round trip so each keystroke happens faster Read More

Aug 2, 2022
I’m new to this are this switch’s good for gaming?
Aug 3, 2022
Mal.24looks like it's good, i like ttc golden pink most for gaming.
"That’s thanks to the 3.4-millimeter stainless steel spring" - I'm guessing this is meant to refer to a 3.4mm travel distance - that's very, very short for an MX spring. Given the description, the actual spring length is likely to be between 16mm and 20mm.
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