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Flesports Q75 Hot-Swappable RGB Gasket 75% Keyboard Kit

Flesports Q75 Hot-Swappable RGB Gasket 75% Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
The Flesports Q75 is a hot-swappable keyboard that tells you a lot about it in just the model number. That Q indicates that it’s quietly quick—with tailored gasket-mounted action, pre-lubed, plate-mounted stabilizers for stability and consistency, and a dampener under it all to cushion your keystrokes Read More

Mar 31, 2022
The value here seems a little nuts. Would love to see the 3 mode(BT, RF, Wired) non-barebones model pop up on Drop. It comes in 2 different colours (different from this), with the option for 3 different Kailh switches, Rosa Pink, Ice Mint, and Jellyfish. The Drop pictures look a little odd. All the pictures I have seen of this board showed a pattern on the back of the silicone seen through the back of the case. But here you don't see it. Not sure if the other pictures are just rendered or if these pictures are of a slightly different model. Even the bottom sticker here looks differnet. Edit: Kind of hilarious but this thing comes with a paracord cable. Better than what's on a lot of mice haha. A big issue with it tho, is the cut out for the USB C cable is not a good size, you have to wiggle the board a lot to get it in and because it's a tight fit once plugged in you lose almost all flex. So for it to work properly you will need to file down the USB C opening a lot up and down. RGB is hella bright, and the flex is very minimal overall but tons at the center.
Mar 15, 2022
“Anti-ghosting switch sockets” Please explain
Mar 15, 2022
Honestly they read similar when looking up definitions on the two. I think the ghosting you're talking about was a feature in older keyboards, but the definition has changed a bit. I do wonder if their use of "anti-ghosting" means rollover over 6, which at a point just becomes gimmicky. But would still be cool if I could mash all the buttons in a rage and have my emotions all registered in a word document.
Mar 15, 2022
CharityBoBerrityThat should be a selling point moving forward. “Mash all the buttons in a rage and have your emotions all registered in a word document” XD
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