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Gunnar Rocket Alt Fit Men's Onyx Rectangle Gamer Glasses

Gunnar Rocket Alt Fit Men's Onyx Rectangle Gamer Glasses

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Product Description
If you struggle with blue light sensitivity during long gaming sessions, then you’ve probably considered a pair of blue light blocking glasses before. The challenge is that many of them don’t exactly look natural—but the Gunnar Rocket Alt Fit Men’s Onyx Rectangle Gamer Glasses bring you a futuristic vibe without making too much of a splash Read More

Dec 2, 2022
$30 on eBay with free shipping, instead of waiting until January: I really _really_ want to keep enjoying Drop and staying a customer, but it's hard when the timeline or price just doesn't add up to what's currently available :(
Dec 3, 2022
mitchwareAgreed. $30 is not an issue but the marked down from $100 seems disingenuous.
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