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Hironori × Dreamscape Stitched-Edge Desk Mat

Hironori × Dreamscape Stitched-Edge Desk Mat

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Product Description
New from designer Hironori and the Mech Keys experts at Moyu Studio, this collaborative deskmat brings the effervescence and vibrance of a dream to your desk. Depicting perspective-warping, offset grids of light on a stark, spacey background, the look of this deskmat is difficult to describe in words but easy to love in person Read More

Feb 3, 2022
15 dollars shipping for a desk mat is pretty steep to Asia... will give this light item a miss
Feb 7, 2022
BenjrminThe moyu studio store actually has the same mat for lower shipping. You might want to take a look there.
Feb 13, 2022
MrSuicidalhmm i not buying deskmats but thanks ! my logitech one still holding up well
Feb 2, 2022
I love the design but would love more techy/vibrant colors. Something like...

looks nice but a 4 month wait is a bit much
quicklytoo42-3 month of it is due to fulfillment and shipping (ocean right now takes roughly 2 months minimum, especially since these mats are so heavy). The overall manufacturing shouldn't be more than a few weeks but most factories and companies overseas are celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday. We understand the estimated shipping date could be a shock but hey, that's what you get in this hobby!
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