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IDOBAO DSA Black Sakura PBT Keycap Set

IDOBAO DSA Black Sakura PBT Keycap Set

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Product Description
At first glance, the all-black IDOBAO DSA Sakura keycap set might look like any other straight-forward setup. Look more closely though, and you’ll see Japanese symbol accents laser-etched in either blue or red on all the alpha keys, plus some subtle floral symbols on the modifiers Read More

Oct 15, 2021
These are $44 shipped to Canada on the Idobao website, vs. $50 shipped to Canada on Drop, FYI.
Sep 13, 2021
IDK if these are the exact same, but I got both of these sets from KBDfans a few months ago, and the 5 of the numpad doesn't show up as it does in the images - it's aligned in the upper left like the rest of the numbers for the numpad. Just FYI.
Not enough keys for a keyboard to use the 7u spacebar that is included. Way to... DROP the ball. And your last remaining brain cells.
Sep 10, 2021
Absolutely horrible kitting, among the worst I have ever seen. It's literally the cheapest possible profile to manufacture. Why be so stingy?
  • First of all, Win for the 1.5U Supers? It'd be better if it said Lose. Super should be standard by this point.
  • But then the 1U Supers are Code? At least be consistent.
  • Capslock should be Caps Lock, not sure what happened there.
  • No 1.75U Control for R3.
  • Two 1.5U Controls, but only one 1.5 Alt? Baffling.
  • No 1.5U Supers either.
  • No 1U Backslash/Pipe for split Backspace, but there is an extra Delete? Why?
  • The Numpad 5, as mentioned by others. Lmao.
  • Not even the most basic 40s support. It's DSA, come on.
  • NE ISO avail?
edit: why are you booing? I’m right!
Sep 11, 2021
Implementing all of my critiques would /maybe/ bump the price up to $40. Drop couldn’t give this a once over?
Sep 12, 2021
jaggerCompletely agree. Low price should not ever instantly mean poor quality. Anyone ever try this set? I’m very curious about the quality of the space bars.
Sep 10, 2021
Real shame about that numpad 5.
@Theroc What do you think about these?
erickongWhite on black, blue or red 2ndary legends, PBT, DSA... can't go wrong here. Seriously though, since I never actually tried this particular set, the only meaningful input I have is regarding DSA: Of the flat profiles, I prefer XDA; it looks better, imho, and is more comfortable to type on. DSA, however, is better at avoiding accidental clicks. It has narrower, less rounded tops, which gives better sensory definition, or fingertip resolution, or coin your own made-up term for what I am trying to say here :D.
The #5 on the numpad looks so weird lol! Material quality looks decent for the price tho
takoyakeysAll the numpad mods are wrong too, centered.
Sep 9, 2021
Is this missing a 1.5u Alt key to complete a WKL layout, or am I missing something here?
jtdelunaLet me verify with the manufacturer to see if a second one is included.
Oct 6, 2021
SpencerLAny update on this?
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