Jelly Key Artifact Series: Ethereal Reign
Jelly Key Artifact Series: Ethereal Reign
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Product Description
Ethereal means “heavenly or spiritual.” Take one look at these ornate keycaps and you can understand why their name. Made from a combination of resin and wood, the caps look like mini mountain chains and water Read More
  • Jelly Key
  • Material: Resin and wood
  • SA profile
  • Enter/left shift  2.25u
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Handmade in Vietnam


  • Storage box
  • Collector’s tag

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Recent Activity
Update: Weekly update: Bring the coral world to you? Why not? [image] Hello, our valued customers and friends! Today except for continuing updating about Jelly Key’s activities, as usual, we’d like to inform you a piece of interesting information about our amazing new products!  This is the launch of Atlantis Coral artisan keycaps Collection. Today we start to sell the products in this collection after a thorough preparation from idea creation to production. Our design and production team spent a long time in creating multiple sample, from which to produce a perfect product named Atlantic Coral Park for our customers. People who used to loved and cared about products The Immense Ocean series – World of Coral artisan keycaps will be interested in our new collection because they are all came from a passionate and talented team. We treat every keycap like a wedding ring! [image] Rumor has it that you love to know how every artisan keycap was built. Chances are the stories behind every keycap box can thrill too! At Jelly Key, we consider the box as an important product also. Look, your favourite keycap is as precious as a… wedding ring to us. The product may be a carefully chosen gift to your loved ones also, so it should be best protected with the best options of container. Read on and you know how much you have inspired us to create and change. Back in 2014, Jell Ear – the very first product of Joiha – is contained in a wooden little box. The key design criteria of the box was 100% artisanally crafting. We also decided to go with square-shaped box for its spaciousness and convenience.