Jukebox SA Custom Keycap Set
Jukebox SA Custom Keycap Set
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Jukebox was designed to transport you to a simpler time through its instantly recognizable color palette and vintage charm. Plus, it's classy enough for the workplace Read More
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Relive the '50s With Jukebox

Jukebox was designed to transport you to a simpler time through its instantly recognizable color palette and vintage charm. Plus, it's classy enough for the workplace.

Note: To avoid errors/confusion with the current checkout system, we will be changing the drop points manually for this drop. We are paying attention to the number of child kits being bought as well. If they reach certain quantities, we will adjust their prices accordingly. You may notice fluctuations in your checkout price as we make these adjustments on the back end, but you will not be charged more for anything.

To see the current number of kits sold and current drop points - you can check below.

SA Profile, Doubleshot ABS

Designed by livingspeedbump with feedback from Deskthority, GeekHack, and Reddit, and in close collaboration with users Wilba and Engicoder, Jukebox features a fully sculpted SA profile (Rows 1­1­2­3­4­4) with a semi-­matte finish. The legends are double­shot in thick ABS. This set will be produced to order by Signature Plastics, which is why the wait time is longer than some other buys. But it also means there's no cap on the number of units that can be sold.

Base Kit / Alphas

The Alphas are being sold separately to make it as cheap as possible for users of various layouts. This kit is required to fill any keyboard layout.

60% / TKL Kit - $38.99

This kit includes the modifiers and keys needed to fill standard layout 60% and TKL size boards.

Numpad Kit - $22.99

If you haven’t conformed to using a smaller layout keyboard and want to complete your full­sized keyboard or standalone numpad this is a must have kit. Notable keys are the “00” and deep­dish homing “5” key.

Non Standard Adapter and Layout Modifier Kit - $39.99

This is an extremely important kit for users trying to fill non-standard layout keyboards. 1.5U and 1U modifiers and the 7U spacebar support winkeyless layouts, an extra 2.25 shift is included to support the FC660M. An extra column of generic keys have been included to let users further customize 65% and 75% keyboards. Steeped Shift Lock and Control keys have also been included.

Deep Dish Homing Row Kit - $7.99

This kit is inspired by the homing row of a Realforce HiPro. Instead of having a single deep dish homing key, all 8 fingers having deep dish keys. This will be the first kit of its kind to ever be produced by Signature Plastics.

ErgoDox Kit - $39.99

The ErgoDox kit includes labeled keys that will fill an ErgoDox or ErgoDox Infinity in conjunction with the Alpha kit. The standard layout was used to create the kit, and additional keys have been kept to a minimum to keep filling an ErgoDox as cost effective as possible.

Planck / 40% Kit - $37.99

This kit was designed to fill out the standard layout of the Planck, as well as supporting as many alternate layouts as possible while still keeping cost in mind.

Alternate Color Modifier Kit - $15.99

The Alternate Color kit provides people with a few extra keys in alternate colors from the 60%/TKL kit to allow for further customization. This kit notably provides alternate colors for the normal 6.25u spacebar and enter key, along with alternately colored and labeled arrow keys.

Novelties Kit - $14.99

If you really want to go all ­out with retro flair, the Novelties Kit is a must have. The retro-futuristic logo keys were masterfully designed by Engicoder and will take Jukebox to an entirely new level of visual appeal. This drop includes the brand new “Record” key that was also designed by Engicoder for this drop.

ISO Kit - $18.99

This kit includes all the keys needed to fill out the alternate layout used by many European keyboards, notably the ISO Enter key.

Dvorak + Colemak Kit - $29.99

This kit provides the keys needed for Dvorak and Colemak layouts, including the homing keys.

Spacebars 6.25u - $12.99 / Spacebars 7u - $12.99

Extra spacebars are being offered in pairs of both colors offered. 6.25u pairs and 7u pairs are being offered.

  • Signature Plastics
  • High-profile SA
  • Doubleshot thick ABS
  • MX Style

All orders will be shipped by Drop.

Estimated ship date is Nov 8, 2016 PT.

After this product run ends, payment will be collected and orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final. Check the discussion for updates on your order.

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