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JWICK Linear Custom Mechanical Switch

JWICK Linear Custom Mechanical Switch

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Product Description
In our Mech keys community and beyond, JWICK is known for providing solid mechanical switches at attainable prices, and the Linear Custom switches in this run are no exception. Available in three operating forces—a 37-gram White switch, a 60-gram Red switch, and the 65-gram Yellow switch—this switch collection has a linear feel for those who like quick action, those who need something more substantial, and those who want something right in the middle Read More

Very good Budget switches. I still think the Gateron G Pros are a bit better. The biggest issue with these is that the consistency has been kind of bad out of the 4 100 packs I have gotten previously. At least 10% of the switches are unusable and about 20-30% were not ideal. So I'd recommend buying extras. I can still give these a huge recommendation for a budget switch. I may even grab another 100. Apparently, the Jwick Pro units feel almost identical to these so I wonder if the consistency is better on them.
Jun 5, 2022
I have the yellows and I personally think JWICKS are budget KINGS!
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