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Kailh Box / Pro / Speed MX Mechanical Switch Packs

Kailh Box / Pro / Speed MX Mechanical Switch Packs

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Product Description
Keyboard switch preferences vary extensively—and if yours are on the more specialized side, Kailh has you covered. Here, you can choose from an array of high-performance switches made for the competitive gamer, the old-school tactile fan, and everyone in between Read More

Customer Reviews

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good selection
nice sample pack. nothing special.
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Apr 10, 2024
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Linears feel great
Love these switches, paired them with the preonic
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Pro Purple, solid but scratchy
Grabbed Pro Purples, a pretty brilliant speedy switch if you like light tacticility with early actuation, this simply can't be beat. Only wish it was less scratchy out of the box and had less key wobble. Might try throwing a Halo True spring inside to give it a more unique feel with a more silent (harder to bottom out) operation.
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Oct 23, 2023
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great clicky switches
If you want clickly switches these sound/feel great.
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Clickily satisfaction
I love these switches! I have several co-workers that have come to play on my keyboard, because they love the clickily noises. Makes work so much fun!

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Good switches that are great when lubed
I lubed these switches pretty quickly and paired them with the DROP Alt barebones and some MT3 keycaps. O-ring mod only. Makes a pretty quiet keyboard with a great feel.
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Heavy, clicky, solid (Navy switches)
Review for Box Navy Switches \\\\\\ Very clicky, not thocky switches. They're a little heavier than Cherry Blues, but feel great if you're a heavy typist. Definitely typing switches, not gaming switches. The Kailh Box White are just a little better than these navy switches and not quite as heavy, so I'd recommend those if you're looking for a clicky switch in this price range.
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Jul 21, 2023
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Solid switch
I enjoy them for the price and you’re getting what you pay for. I only wished they sounded more colicky than what they are but other than that great switches :)
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Very good budget option
For the price, these are difficult to beat. There are better switches out there, sure but a good switch to transition from regular cherry browns.
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Bought these to try instead of MX Brown
They have a very similar sound to mx browns but the feel isn't the same. I really like them, however, they just aren't as close to mx browns as I was expecting.
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