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KC60 Mechanical Keyboard

KC60 Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
Designed after the popular GH60, the KC60 allows you to enjoy everything about the custom project while adding an easy-to-use programmable interface and pre-installed components. Combining the compact form factor of the Poker while adding programmable layers of the Phantom, the KC60 is a completely customizable 60% keyboard ready to go out of the box with the basic Poker scheme Read More

Apr 11, 2020
It's a bit weird for me to read all these negative reviews, though having read them, they are certainly justified given those users' experiences. I bought my KC60 here in May 2016, and it arrived that August. Three and a half years later, it's still chugging along, and outside of some time on a 0.01 Z70, it's been my daily driver the entire time. In fact, I'm typing this very post on it. The controller hasn't failed. Backlight still works fully. All I've done is occasional cleanings, keycap swaps, and the only things I've replaced on it are the plastic Costar stabilizer bits (the plate mounts and the keycap inserts). I reflashed it with QMK in May of 2018, which I'm glad I had the foresight to do because the web page that was given for programming it seems to have either moved or died permanently. I'd probably buy another PCB if I could, but Poker-type PCBs are so prevalent that it'd be fairly pointless to try to get this exact PCB.
Nov 20, 2020
Not sure if you were asking me, but Drop pinged me via email about your comment. I use QMK directly, compiling from the command line. I have an outdated version of my keymap on the QMK GitHub repository (I've updated my keymap since then but haven't posted those changes to the repo): You should also be able to use QMK Configurator:
Nov 22, 2020
noroadsleftThanks for the reply! I looked through my old desktop and found Easy AVR. Realized that's what I used in the past and it all came back to me. Everything works great again.
Nov 10, 2019
it's funny Drop invite me to write a comment about my kc60, four year after. lets be honest this was the biggest piece of shit i ever purchased here. The kc60 stopped working after less than 4 months after receiving it, and for those who remember this drop as delaying like 4 or 5 months after initial date of shipment. Basically i bought a soldered pcb on aliexpress and this one after three years just died the last months. So my experience with kc60 is horrible, this was an horrible drop and i wont advice anybody else to buy this one in the futur.
Aug 23, 2017
Came here to say I hope this drops again soon, but after reading comments, I'm kind of glad I didn't get one... I'm usually pretty lucky when it comes to QC, but it sounds like a lot were affected here.
Jun 21, 2017
EDIT: Reflashing the keyboard fixed my issues: See Can add me to the group of people that the keyboard is broken. Below are the only good keys I have after 12 months of use.
wezzlewooExact same problem as yours... weird. Today it was working OK and then suddenly I tried to type something and no go, change the keyboard to another machine, the same, only those keys were working, then change to several different cables, then tried to use the LEDs function, NOTHING! This is kind of a joke, did you tried reprogramming it? That's my last move...
Did you open a ticket with MD?

EDIT: Reflashing fixed the keyboard...
Mar 18, 2017
The KC60 after 7 months of ownership:
I received this board, and appear to have one of the few that are in great working condition. I looked through the reviews below and don't seem to have any of the issues mentioned below, the costar stabs seem to work fine, the backspace key is printed correctly, I really love this board. I got the black version with Gateron Browns, no case upgrade.
PCB: I've reprogrammed this board using the QMK firmware, and would highly recommend anyone else do the same. I got it as my first 60% and then bought a pok3r a week after the drop ended and actually forgot about the board. I received the keeb a few days after my pok3r pcb took a dump on me, and it has been working rock solid ever since. There's nothing special about the LEDs at all. They work just like GH60 Satan pcb LEDs would work, I assume. No special LED for caps lock or win lock or anything like that. The switch for the spacebar is inverted so that the LED is on the bottom. If I'm sitting back in my chair, the super bright LED is shining in my eyes. I usually turn off backlighting. If I ever take the keeb out of the case I'll be desoldering that LED for sure, as I don't think it really adds much.
Keycaps: The PBT caps are great, they aren't super thick so the keyboard is a little 'tinny' sounding compared to my pok3r, but it was also half the price. They've got a great texture to them, though I am having some rub-off on the S and D keys. The corners are ridiculously sharp for some reason, but if that bothered you I suppose you could hit each edge with a file and they'd be perfect. I've certainly gotten worse caps, and the lettering looks better than the pad printed caps on my pok3r. Mine came with a Windows 8-esque logo, if that makes a difference to you.
Case: It's plastic. This is about my only gripe with the case. I don't know what material it is, though I'd assume they would go with ABS for durability (it's more shatter / crack resistant than PBT, AFAIK). The lip of the case is about .5mm below the bottom of the keycaps and 3-4mm above the plate. Doesn't look as clean as the pok3r, but that leads me to talking about the plate...
Plate: The plate is unfinished aluminum. It's fairly ugly. If I had assembled this keyboard, I probably would've painted over it. It looks a lot like the planck plate on the OLKB store, but it's a tad more 'grainy'. It reflects the light well, but since the caps aren't shine through, it doesn't end up making a huge difference. Something that completely makes up for all this though is that the plate supports switch-top removal. A production keyboard with a plate that supports switch top removal?! I didn't see this on the page or in the comments (admittedly I didn't search too much for it).
Overall, I really enjoy the board. The price point is great, the PCB is fully programmable, plate supports switch-top removal, PBT keycaps.
Mar 19, 2017
ProtoTRDmany thanks for the detailed review! i own a pok3r and love it so far but i'm really starting to think about full programmability…
Feb 21, 2017
Yeah, so after running the "update" it bricked my keyboard.
Feb 4, 2017
Don't buy this crap, after a year of using it, number keys is causing random key presses
Mar 19, 2017
superxtianthis happens with the best of keyboards / switches. i do own a v60 matias quiets board and love the feel it gives you but… there's this one key that chatters from time to time on me =/
Jan 4, 2017
Ahh I wanted another one of these. Any chance I can get one of the leftovers? :/
Dec 31, 2016
Don't get this keyboard. At all. I got the version with the "costar" stabilizer. The wire bends aren't bent the correct way. The plate is not of good quality either. The typing noise from it isn't nice sounding compared to a real Stainless Steel plate or even aluminum plate. The keycaps (Dye Sub) are not as they seem on the picture. They are pretty dark grey, so the font is hard to see.
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