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LOOP Pudding V2 Doubleshot PBT Shine-Through Keycap Set

LOOP Pudding V2 Doubleshot PBT Shine-Through Keycap Set

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Product Description
LOOP’s first pudding keycaps were a big hit in the Mech Keys community. Now, the brand is back with a second course Read More
Review Highlights:
Best pudding keycaps ever
Much better, almost perfect, injection molding than in previous runs - just few small dots at the top of the cap. Lots of spare caps. Turned out to be the perfect fit for Vortex 10.
Would recommend to a friend.
I liked these a lot
They look great and I initially ordered them because they have the bottom row for the Corsair K95 which has the ever odd 6.5u space bar and it all fits great, looks great. I got the HyperX ones initially but didn't realize that the bottom row would be off. So here I am with these. A little bit pricier but I think it's worth it for odd keyboards that won't fit the ones that the other set had. Comparing the two, these sound a little bit heftier than the Kingston caps which have a slightly more hollow feel to them imo. The F/J bumps are more pronounced which I highly appreciate. The font is also less gamer-y but this results in much more readable legends on some keys such as the @ on the 2 key. The only reason I put these at 4/5 instead of 5 is simply that they came in a bag that was all mixed together. This isn't a huge deal for things like the key size or odd shaped enter or anything like that, what it came down to was there being two tilde keys, several page up/down keys and a few others that are different profiles but I didn't realize this until I had already placed them and had to arrange them to find out which ones were meant to go with the standard layout. The other very small issue is that the seam on some of the keys is noticeable and you can see or feel them. The reason this is tiny is just because I don't see a reason to count this as a knock on its own but simply mentioning it in case anyone would be that particular about their keys. Almost every key has an unnoticeable seam between the black and the translucent plastic which is ideal. I don't have any issues with the space bar or any keys like others have mentioned either, it looks and feels great overall. I just wish that the special keys such as the lower profile pgup/pgdn/home/end and tilde keys were labeled somehow to actually know rather than having to suss them out on your own. Not a perfect cap set but I really do love it for a pudding style cap and isn't breaking the bank which is a huge plus since it's primarily a vanity thing for me, and one of the few that I found that came with the weird sizing that Corsair uses on the bottom row.
Would recommend to a friend.
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  • LOOP 
  • 142 keycaps
  • Material: 1.1 mm PBT plastic
  • Legends: Doubleshot, shine-through
  • Profile: OEM 


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