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Lugoo Deer in Woods PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Lugoo Deer in Woods PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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Product Description
Fantastical and forest-colored, the Deer in the Woods Keycap Set from Lugoo is an exercise in natural design. Combining iconography inspired by majestic deer and woodland scenes with nods to Tolkien-esque elven runes, the array of symbols found on the set adds some exoticism and fantasy fandom to your desk Read More

Jan 13, 2022
Are the quality issues raised in previous reviews being addressed for future batches?
Dec 17, 2021
colors were much darker than in the listing but tbh i think they look better, came missing a "y" key tho. confusingly included a 6u space bar, which means i can use it for another board it would look dope on if i can get a y key. row 2 keys are thick enough to have interference issues in both north and south facing with some switches. gazzew, gateron and jwk had interference issues, akko did not.
Dec 15, 2021
Just received my set and the yellow keys are not light and bright. They are very dark and burnt looking. Almost a tan brown. There must have been a color mixing issue due to some of the keys not matching with the rest of the set.
Aug 30, 2021
Love the looks, it's unfortunately unusable for non-qwerty layouts, so pass.
Aug 27, 2021
I like this set but in some of the pictures the blue coloring looks different
Aug 26, 2021
This is one of the most beautiful set I ever seen here on Drop. A wooden case with a rustic-looks desk would do a perfect match. I would buy it no doubt but sadly, the fedex tax cost as much as the set in my case so... Would this be available in other websites? Or at least with more shipment options? UPDATE: On keebmonkey they have a better alternative for international shipment, they use DHL wich in my case is far more cheaper than FedEx, we pay a few dollars more on the website but the overall price is cheaper than Drop´s final cost. The shipment estimate calculator they have will give you a better idea of the final cost to your country.
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