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Magicforce Crystal-108 Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

Magicforce Crystal-108 Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

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Product Description
Made with all the bells and whistles that have come to define Magicforce keyboards, this 108-key version promises to be a desktop fixture of your home or office. Designed specifically for Mac, it’s made with a standard bottom row so you can customize it with any standard keycap set—not to mention it also comes with ice-cold blue LEDs to spice things up Read More

Oct 11, 2021
I have this keyboard, and some of the keys have broken. Is there anywhere I can order to replace (I saw previous comment, although that link is not valid)
Jun 15, 2018
Is there anyway I can just buy the keycaps from this for my 82-key magicforce? Really want the Mac keys.
Jan 27, 2018
Just got mine! At 1st I thought the "F8" key's LED was broken. Was upset then noticed that the Caps lock key would turn off if it was not used, so I pressed and held the "Fn" key down and pressed "F8". Then LED lit up! So its all good!
would recommend this Keyboard if you are looking for a white colored keyboard.
I got the Gateron Black with Icy blue LED
Dec 29, 2017
Hey, in case some of you are not into the lingo... this is a good article that talks about the keyboard key mechanism types... FYI -
A community member
Dec 12, 2017
I LOVE this keyboard, I had one before that I sold and I regret it every day. So naturally, I saw this drop and I had to get in on it. Thanks to everyone for coming together to get us such a great deal!!
Dec 6, 2017
Yeah, if only it was offered in black or a different led color besides white or blue
Dec 6, 2017
I wish it came in another color. White will get dirty very quickly where I live.
Dec 5, 2017
This keyboard is SO CLOSE. In fact, it's so close and so cheap that I might overlook the fact that the base is plastic and the keys are white.
I don't know why, but it seems like keyboards manufacturers all want to keep making their full-size keyboards with extra wasted space.
Sep 30, 2017
I really like this, but I just wish they had a Black version like the 68. That's really what's holding me back :( also how does the Gateron Browns/Blacks stack up against the MX Clears?
Oct 1, 2017
Sweet lemme know how it feels, I have a WASD Code 108 w/ Clears for work so I was thinking of either waiting for another Code drop with Clears or getting this with Gaterons. There aren't really many 108s with MX Clears these days and the alternatives don't really come close to how they perform.
Oct 1, 2017
JonathanPetrMX clears for life! Lol.
I concur with your desire and assement here, I like the clears the best from MX and having tried the various browns from gateron, out emu, ect, I really haven't found anything I like as much as the clears, I think I'm going to grab an ALPS board and see how that goes. But as I said, personally the brown switches from the various manufactures don't really stack up against the clears and the browns were my favorite till I tried the clears.
Sep 30, 2017
They are £59.99 on, between the delivery fees, the taxes and the wait it's definitely a better deal.
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