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Massdrop x Livingspeedbump GMK Mint Dolch Keycaps

Massdrop x Livingspeedbump GMK Mint Dolch Keycaps

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Product Description
A combination of the monochromatic style of the original Dolch keyboard and mint chocolate chip ice cream, GMK Mint Dolch is the latest from Mech Keys community member and designer Livingspeedbump (who you may know from Jukebox and Honeywell). Featuring light gray alphas, dark gray modifiers, and cool green legends, the set will look great on just about any keyboard Read More

Jun 9, 2021
Need an extras kit. Any chance for this to run again?
Jul 14, 2018
Sadly the colors don't match, it's not the intensity either, the renders have a minty/white hue, but the actual keycaps are a muted off-green, when I first saw the keycaps, they appeared more army-like, as from the low-contrast, they appear a bit camo-like I still believe it's a good design, the packaging etc. was very good too, however, it's certainly not what was promised, and having a lot of experience with low-contrast-by-design sets like Deep Space, I'm not sure what to do with the keycaps, or what to think of the situation :|


Hi everyone,
Good news! The Massdrop x Livingspeedbump GMK Mint Dolch Keycaps have arrived at the warehouse, and we’re planning on sending them out a bit early. We now estimate that the keycaps will ship by the end of next week (June 22).
If you need to change your delivery address please contact community support through your transactions page ( by this Thursday, June 14 at 5 p.m. PT.
Here are a couple pictures from the QC samples we received earlier in June.
YanboWuA keycap set shipping early!?!??! Not a common occurrence in this community!
Well done GMK and Massdrop!!!
My set to look over has arrived, and I'm super pleased to say everything came out looking great! It definitely came out looking even better than I thought it would personally, the muted mint worked out really well with the classic Dolch colorway.

As a bonus, here are just a few of the accents on a Classic Beige board:
I'm not a huge fan of colored ALT/CTRL/SHIFT keys, as mod packs often are, but I really am excited about having the Enter/ESC combo, as they will work with Mint Dolch and quite a few other sets as well I think.
I am not sure exactly on timing for shipping from MD, but things should be happening much sooner than later!
May 17, 2018
Are there any extra Extras Kits? Anyone wanna sell theirs?
Apr 20, 2018
Anyone wanna sell their Extras Kit to me?
Mar 31, 2018
Is it July already? No :(
Mar 6, 2018
Given how GMK has been pumping out sets lately, I'm anticipating this shipping before too long.
History at drop end:
Feb 1, 2018
With so many polls with way more popular GMK sets waiting to happen and the HUGE amount of request in previous GMK sets people have been begging to run...why do you make this drop? No insult to the makers who put work into this but as you can see it is not even that popular(and that is facts as we can see by the numbers and struggles to hit MOQ)
Feb 2, 2018
ducknorrisI wouldn't say it's not popular. You can see that 126 people joined. For a very nice set of plastic, that's still quite a lot of people, especially considering there are many Dolch variants out there. Yes, it wasn't the high number purchased of GMK Laser, but that set had an insane amount of hype. The main problem of this set was no interest check period to build the hype. People were already hyped up for different projects on other sites and set their money aside from that. Bring into play the super high number of amazing projects happening since November (that I know of) and the super awesome projects going on now and ones that will start very soon plus the damage holiday shopping has done for most people and you've got yourself a bunch of non-hyped people with no money in their wallet.
MD's decision to launch this is likely due to working with LSB before and establishing a partnership. I do with they would partner with the guy who came up with Red Samurai but it makes sense to work with someone you've worked with before from MD's PoV. The worst decision, imo, was to launch this out of the blue.
Aug 22, 2021
ducknorrisI would have gladly bought this had Id even known it existed until literally just now. I'm not exactly new to the mech keyboard community either so looks like this was very "low key" pun intended. Especially seeing as it had one of the many elusive Massdrop logo keycaps. Actually kinda amazed I've never seen this page before as much as I was on this site from back when it was massdrop and now.
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