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Max Keyboard Ultimate Sampler Tester Kit

Max Keyboard Ultimate Sampler Tester Kit

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Cherry MX Clears: Ever wonder what all the fuss is about? Or maybe you’re thinking of trading your Gateron Blues for MX Blues Read More

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checkVerified Buyer
This was my first Massdrop purchase. Buying it via Massdrop is cheaper than getting it from Max Keyboards. Buying it from Massdrop also gives you a Gateron Green to try (the Max Keyboards sampler does not).
This switch tester lets you try the standard switches that are typically found in boards you can purchase, it helped me find my favorite switch. If you want a sampler kit with some crazy and unique switches, hit up Novelkeys. Thats the best way to try and buy switches for a cool personal build.
Apr 11, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
It's pricey for what you get, but so is building the ideal board. Extra switches can be popped in or out whenever for testing, though you are buying a folded piece of aluminum with some extra switches, it is probably the best desk toy.
Apr 13, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
It works. It's really nice to try all the cherry and gateron switches. If you want a custom selection, try novelkeys.
Jun 5, 2018
Great little desk-top toy. I too am having troubles removing the keycaps from the switches - extremely tight fit, will probably need a keycap remover.
Dec 27, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Good for what it is.
There's really not much to it. The base is high quality and the switch selection is good. The keys are pretty bad but you're not buying this for them specifically. There's better switch tester options out there but this isn't a bad start.
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Jun 23, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
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checkVerified Buyer
Jun 16, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
My first purchase. It is a good tester that has a nice variation of switches. Nice addition of o-rings, rubber feet, and extra key caps.
It is versatile in that it could also function as a macro pad if you purchase the pcb from Max Keyboard. It also has holes in the feet so the frame could be screwed somewhere (screws not included).
If looking for a tester, I would recommend spending a bit more and getting a bigger variety. But this is a good first purchase into the MK hobby to those skeptical of getting into mechanical keyboards.
Jun 1, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This basically did what it was supposed to do but the caps that came with it were such a tight fit that two of the switches easily broke while simply trying to get the cap off.
May 5, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
The item is well made, if very simple. The variety of switches that it comes with provides a nice selection that will definitely help you get some direction on what you like. The caps it comes with are cheap, but entirely effective for the purpose.
The biggest disappointment was Max Keyboards decision to stop selling the Falcon-8 PCB required to turn this into a proper macro pad. I bought the item after seeing the PCB kit available on their website, and figured if I liked it I could shell out the extra to turn it into a macro pad. Turns out Max Keyboards is no longer manufacturing or selling the correct PCB to fit this housing, and there are none in stock anywhere, meaning I'm stuck with an item that will never be anything but an inert switch tester. This drop is now obvious as a way for them to offload their last remaining stock of chassis and avoid having a new batch of boards produced.
If you want a fidget toy or want to try a handful of switches before buying your first board, this is a good choice. If you want to spend the extra down the road to have a macro pad, look elsewhere.
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