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Mechcables Carbon Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable

Mechcables Carbon Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable

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Product Description
With shades of off-white and gray accented by splashes of orange, our Carbon keycap sets (designed by T0mb3ry) is a community favorite with diverse appeal. Taking the Carbon look past the keyboard, Mechcables has made a high-performance cable to match Read More

Apr 23, 2021
Will this USB-C connector fit into a Durgod Venus keyboard? I'm concerned because the opening on that keyboard is tight
rutherd3Do you happen to have a picture of the opening?
rutherd3It will fit in the Durgod Venus.
Apr 23, 2021
I previously purchased micro USB (A to micro) and USB-C (A to USB-C) as simple charging cables. THESE ARE AWESOME and I want to purchase more. Will they be made available at some point? Anyone else have these as well?
mike_wyzowskiHm typically keyboards are more USB A -> C, I've never seen Micro to C. It might be worth reaching out to the vendor to see!
Apr 23, 2021
Isn't the point of an aviator style cable to let you easily unplug and reconnect multiple keyboards? So why do the drops never offer additional keyboard side connectors?
Apr 25, 2021
USB standard isn’t the issue here, it’s that so many companies attempt to subvert it. Nintendo comes to mind rather strongly. If they built the standard usb-c connection and port to use what they want exactly it would be fine. But there are quite a lot of pins in a usb-c connector and to many companies want to use different pins for different things rather then their original “standard” purpose.
Apr 30, 2021
How's USB-C to USB-C cable different from USB-C to USB-A and using USB-C hub or an adapter? Is it just because C can be plugged in "upside down" and keyboard doesn't support this? Or is there something else? At the end of the day keyboard doesn't need multitude of different capabilities of super high speed transfer. I think USB-A port has 4 wires.
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