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Megalodon Aluminum Switch Tester Clock

Megalodon Aluminum Switch Tester Clock

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Product Description
Megalodon takes big swings when it comes to desktop macro pads and displays—and this Aluminum Switch Tester and Clock combo is no exception. The old-school vacuum fluorescent display on the front can show the current time, the date, or can even be put into a countdown mode for timing various points in your day Read More

Nov 2, 2022
I love clocks and I love mechanical keyboards so this one speaks to me. It’s weird and I love it. Ordered in white.
Oct 29, 2022
Would buy this in a heartbeat if it had more timer functionality / programmable keys. Love the design and yellow color, nice hardware but too limited.
Oct 29, 2022
I bet it's like $15 on Taobao. Keebmonkey is really exaggerating the prices and being greedy.
Oct 30, 2022
adi518It is made of CNC aluminum, so it might actually be worth what it's sold here.
adi518Outside the west the brand is just known as DOIO; as far as I can tell KBM are the only folks selling this - nothing on Taobao or Ali just yet. $55 really isn't much for something like this.
Other than the issues already discussed, which are spot-on, I feel this offering would be stronger with some electrophoresis options like E-White.
Oct 28, 2022
"Megalodon takes big swings when it comes to desktop macro pads and displays—and this Aluminum Switch Tester and Clock combo is a massive miss because it's not actually a macro pad or switch tester." The point: add more functionality/ability to be programmed or significantly drop the price because this is bonkers. The rant: Seriously, this offers less functionality than a digital watch that cost $9.99 in a Dollar General 20 years ago. For $55 on Drop or $69 at keebmonkey, you lose portability, an alarm, stopwatch - and presumably this doesn't even have a chime for when the countdown timer ends (or at least presumably based on zero information/response to multiple questions on the matter between here and YouTube.) It can't even properly display time because of an odd, inconsistent shuffling while counting down the seconds. And "switch tester"? These are necessary function keys, so when you drop a switch in there, you'll be zipping through different modes and settings with every actuation; easily changing the time/date or setting a countdown if you need to test multiple switches. But don't worry, those are the only two things you could possibly mess up and have to correct once you're done testing since that's all of the tricks in it's bag. 😊 The potential here is valuable for sure, I'm not being hateful of the effort made and the variety it offers. But deciding the bare minimum of wrapping the time in a chunk of aluminum for $55-$69 as a valid product is one of the most senseless things I've seen in this community; possibly deserving of an award titled "Top of The Drop" for the most egregious products sold on this site, hahaha. Again, I'm not trying to be hateful. I'm just REALLY stretching out the fact that this "switch tester clock" from a "macro pad and display" company probably needs to have more than a sluggish date/time/countdown while not only being able to test switches without impeding functionality, but also be, like, you know...a macro pad.
Oct 28, 2022
I get that it's machined out of aluminum, but over $50 USD for a clock which just seems to be a switch tester, seems a bit steep and missed opportunity. Suggestions:
  • Macropad functionality
  • Pomodoro timer option
  • Sound
  • Consider other materials - i.e. translucent/transparent, or wood grain finish
  • USB-C pass-through on the back
Oct 28, 2022
Looks neat. Does it have an internal buzzer/chime for when the countdown ends? Do the buttons actually do anything? Or is it a dummy PCB?
Oct 28, 2022
Kinda of wish this was a macro pad. We could set up different timer functions, or just common macro pad uses. Seems like a lost opportunity.
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