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Megalodon Macropad With Outemu Big Switches

Megalodon Macropad With Outemu Big Switches

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Product Description
One look at the Megalodon Macropad and it’s clear to see where it gets its name from: The top two macro buttons are seriously mammoth. While they may look cartoonish at first glance, the giant buttons make for tactile, can’t-miss control whenever you need a satisfying thump Read More

Oct 3, 2022
Has anyone tried modding the switches? e.g. lubing in some way? Curious what steps are necessary to access and take apart the switches
Sep 23, 2022
This is the first time I have had a VIA board not do be recognized in VIA. Am I doing something wrong. I loaded the json file which I have never had to do for another board, but I get nothing when pressing any of the keys. edit. It lets me assign RGB controls to the keys, but assigning anything else does nothing.
Oct 21, 2022
I'm on 1.3.1 and I have to import every time I enter the configurator, lame. I guess for my use case, it's working except for device detection. It would be excellent for instructions on how to reset the device, but maybe I missed that. Here's a list of issues I ran into to cross reference; Detect device, does not work Layers, using only the bottom 3. It was jumping around set up with MO and OSL Macros, I might not have been doing this correctly, and I'm not needing it now. I just gave up on it. Special - Any, the inputs were recorded to each key while writing the keycode in the popup Lighting, Instructions are to use QMK Lighting and I wasn't getting any feedback when pressing any of the commands. I tried both preset and keycode.
Oct 24, 2022
ChickenSashimiI got it working. I used the via version linked on the keebmonkey page. I have to import the json file each time i run the program. Detect doesn't work on every board/pad type. Even though the changes you make are stored and represented realtime. The lighting effects are NOT programmable. You CAN create buttons that alter the onboard RGB functions to change or cycle through them. Inside the Via program, after you have the json loaded, there's a menu for Layer functions and for QMK color functions. Colors: If you drag a color function onto the keys on layer 0, it will work as a default key. Only SOME of the QMK functions work with each board. You can set buttons to alter the rgb functions and THEN change the buttons to do something else. You don't have to have buttons occupied with the RGB effect change mapped buttons. Layers: (Layers are 0,1,2,3, 4. 0 is the default layer) Layers seem to work as shift-keys. You have to assign a layer 0 (default) button as a 'shift' key in order to let the other buttons act as their Layer X function. "Shift" means you hold it down. The funky part. If you have a 6 button board and you assign one of the buttons to be a Layer 1 shift button, you are holding that button down to press the other buttons activating their Layer 1 mapped function. You can't have a Layer 1 button mapped 'under' the button you have to press to get Layer 1 to activate. So you lose a button on Layer 0 to enable Layer 1 and there's a button on Layer 1 that you can't use because you are holding it down to get there. The mappings on the layer menu are ks or ts something. ks(1) makes a held button activate the layer 1 maps while it is held down. I haven't experimented with the other layer function maps yet. Using more layers would use more buttons. That's as far as i have gotten and all i needed to do for my use cases. HTH
Sep 20, 2022
Anyone know of a place to buy replacements or other compatible keycaps for the big switches?
I feel like there is probably a better place to post this; I just don't know where yet. I just got my megalodon, and this is my first time using VIA, though I have some previous experience using QMK. I would really like to set this macropad up so so that each layer has a different RGB color, so I know where I'm at. (I have the big buttons do type stuff, and the 3 regular keys switch to layers 0, 1, 2 respectively. So I would like layer0 to be red, 1 to be blue, and 2 to be green, or whatever. While VIA has general lighting mode in the app (I'm on windows), as well as key assignments for the standard hue/sat/bright stuff, I'm not seeing anything obvious for how to change to a specific RGB color and change layers with a single keypress... Any direct instruction, or pointers to a good VIA help/documentation site would be great. Thx
skapegoatHi, Unfortunately, this cannot be done by VIA, and the only way to accomplish is to make a firmware of the keyboard using QMK. We are currently working on urging the manufacturer to open source this macro pad. We will let you know once we get the source codes.
Sep 6, 2022
When will these ship? Estimated ship date was August 26th, almost September 6th with no real update.
Sep 19, 2022
Lucky, mine never even shipped lel just got my money back
BigBoiJamesUp to you of course, but the preorder is 96% shipped now and we just launched these in-stock.
Aug 19, 2022
Does anyone know where from the orders are shipped? E.g. for European destinations is it shipped from inside EU or outside?
If you're looking for the .json file or a guide for how to use this or any other VIA-compatible product that KeebMonkey distributes, you can find them on their wiki here:
Jul 2, 2022
This looks cool, but apparently, KM lists only two models on Drop and you have to pay for shipping. There are actually four of them, with much better value for $5/$10 more. Just look up their website. Not sure why KM isn't listing the other ones here, or maybe it just takes time. Meanwhile, you can order directly from them with shorter turnarounds, so why not.
Jun 5, 2022
I missed it 😔 I had 4 hours left to order and I fell asleep. Ugh -_-
Jul 2, 2022
VexxxIt's back.
May 29, 2022
Something tells me most people who "want to use a slammed fist" to smash fist-sized keys will be sorely disappointed here. Smashable keys need to be at least three times bigger than normal keys, not two times! Everyone knows this.
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