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Megalodon Wireless Triple Knob Macropad

Megalodon Wireless Triple Knob Macropad

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Product Description
If you like Megalodon’s attention to detail in their macro-controlling keyboard accessories—and your setup is all about wireless connectivity—then you’re going to love this Wireless Triple Knob Macro Pad. Featuring not one, not two, but three clickable rotary knobs for a full array of gradual control, 16 mechanical switch slots (with Gateron Yellow switches and blank XDA keycaps loaded up), and a handy little 0.91-inch LCD display, this Triple Knob Macropad has full-featured control in spades Read More

Jul 27, 2023
ordered two and one seems to be doe - why wont either of them take a charge? am i doing something wrong?
May 9, 2023
If this supports VIA, then the lack of firmware sources means it breaches QMK's licensing. Perhaps Drop might have better luck than Epomaker in getting sources for Megalodon boards? Or is it going to be the usual case where the vendor doesn't care and leaves it to the community to do the actual work, with the vendor raking in the $$$ instead?
May 9, 2023
As of May 5 2023 the firmware for this is not in good shape and there's no official support. Before buying check out the KeebMonkey discord to see if they've released any improvements. Currently the board does not support a lot of macro functionality. Some users get gibberish output when using macros, or bluetooth problems, or lighting configuration problems.
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