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MelGeek Geekcable Handmade Custom Aviator USB Cables

MelGeek Geekcable Handmade Custom Aviator USB Cables

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No keyboard is complete without a high-quality cable. New from MelGeek, a go-to accessory brand among mech keys enthusiasts, Geekcable custom aviator USB cables are an excellent choice Read More

Jan 25, 2021
Received shipping notification this morning. It's finally happening!
Jan 8, 2021
This is absurd. Not only are the cables months late, we haven’t gotten an update in over a month. Can someone please give me some information? Are they still supposed to ship in January?
Jan 11, 2021
I understand that, but it's January now. November was a long time ago.
Jan 11, 2021
VormityGotcha. I had the same questions also a week or so ago when I noticed the bottom of the post said still in the boat and expected receipt is around January 15th, which would put shipping toward next week or end of the month at the earliest. I ordered 2 cables and could build 3-4 for the same price after researching what's involved. Hopefully everything is still on track for this month to ship. It looks like Drop has tried to be transparent and update almost weekly since November. Good luck!
Dec 27, 2020
Nov 23, 2020
Hey Everyone, This is a comprehensive update regarding three Melgeek Runs: Mojo60 Keyboard + Bee Carrying Case, 'Plastic' Keycap Set, and Aviator USB Cables. As an overarching discussion of the situation, the bottom line is all three of these runs are extremely late and have lacked consistent communications and updates from the vendor (and by extension Drop). We understand how frustrating it is that you've trusted us with your money and your questions go unanswered and for that we sincerely apologize. Ultimately our internal operations have failed to provide the level of service that we aspire towards and we're reviewing our procedures to ensure that this doesn't happen to this extent again. Moving forward we have a few announcements. 1) All users that participated in any of these runs, will receive a $15 Drop credit added to their account, regardless of whether they've cancelled their order, continued with their order, or cancel their order in the future. These credits will show up in your account on Monday Nov 23rd. 2) As alluded to in the point 1, anyone wishing to cancel their order may do so, just contact Customer Service and they'll look after you. 3) When the Melgeek products arrive at our warehouse, whatever extras (via cancellations) are available will be listed for sale on our site at the same price as the group-buy prices. You can cancel now, get your money back, receive your $15 credit, and THEN re-order the product when it's in-stock and available (keeping in mind you run the slight risk of someone else clicking buy before you). If you're uncertain about the product ever shipping, or uncertain about the quality of the final product, we suggest that you take this option as it removes any doubt about "why do you have my money and I have nothing to show for it?". 4) We're still sorting through the mess of coordinating inbound shipments with Melgeek. Stating the obvious, these products are ready many months after they were expected, and arranging freight shipments, during COVID, during the holiday season, is not straightforward. Shipping these products via air is not economical (we're talking $50+ per unit at present day rates since we have no previously reserved space), and getting space on an ocean liner, which we're currently arranging, is difficult at best. We'll get there, but it's going to take ~6 weeks for it to arrive, slating delivery most likely in January 2021. Once it's booked onto a freight ship, we'll have an estimated arrival date of the ship, which gets us an estimated customs clearance date, which finally gets us an estimated shipping date. End of January 2021 would be a safe bet at this point, with a couple weeks of built-in buffer (i.e. if things go smoothly, mid January, if things don't go smoothly, end of January). Please understand that we've coordinated over fifty thousand group-buys on our platform with over eight thousand vendors. These runs associated with Melgeek rank in the lowest percentile in terms of proper communication and professionalism. The updates that community members have gotten from discord channels are better than what we've received in direct vendor queries. While they may have fantastic products, their operating style is incompatible with our platform. We will not be running Melgeek products on our site in the future. I'll reiterate that this does not in any way excuse us from not communicating these problems to you in the past. Keeping you in the loop is important and has entirely fallen through the cracks. I'll be posting weekly updates from now on, even if it's to say "there's nothing to share with you". Thanks for your time and patience on this. None of us want to be in this situation but we're here now, and we're going to make sure we all get through it. December 4th Update: Cargo is physically on a ship, expected to arrive at our warehouse on Jan 5th. December 11th Update: Cargo is still physically on a ship somewhere in the pacific, expected to dock on 12/29, and expected to arrive at our warehouse on Jan 5th. (We currently have a ship sitting outside of Seattle with a different product, that can't dock because of high port traffic, hopefully this won't be a problem by 12/29.) December 18th Update: No news, just expecting things on track with last week's update. December 30th Update: Still on a ship, but the most recent update of delivery has slipped to 1/15. January 13th Update: Tracking shows that it should arrive at our warehouse on 1/15 January 17th Update: These are at the warehouse. They need to be unpacked, counted, etc. Ideally start shipping end of this week. January 28th Update: These are 90% shipped, almost done.
Dec 1, 2020
KevinKevin, it doesn't look like this addresses the Melgeek case-only groupbuy that ran as well. I haven't seen any updates posted over there since November 20th and it doesn't look like this post applies since it was put on all the Melgeek drops except the case-only one. Same thing regarding the shipping timeframe and the $15 credit for that one, or is there something different going on with that in particular? Thanks.
Jan 3, 2021
Nov 19, 2020
Any update on the cables?
Hi everyone,  Firstly, we want to apologize for not providing timely updates for the MelGeek runs. This is definitely not the ideal experience and we take full responsibility for the lapse in communication. We also apologize for the long delays with these runs. We’ve been following up with the vendor frequently and have a few updates to share regarding the status of these runs: MOJO60 KEYBOARD + BEE CARRYING CASE The Mojo60 keyboard and Bee carrying cases are fully packed and ready to ship from the vendor to our warehouse. We’re currently waiting for the courier to pick them up. Once they arrive at our warehouse, we’ll get them shipped out to you as fast as possible.


‘PLASTIC’ KEYCAP SET As for the Plastic Keycaps, the vendor has reported issues with the spacebar mould, images provided below. We’re awaiting further clarification on what that means as far as a new shipping timeline. We will follow up with the vendor over the next week and expect we’ll have a better estimate to share soon. 

 AVIATOR USB CABLES We’re still waiting for a vendor update on the USB cables. As with the Plastic Keycaps, we’re continuing to follow up and expect to have more information to share next week. Moving forward, we’ll be updating this thread weekly with the latest updates, so be sure to check back. If you decide you’d prefer to cancel for a full refund, please write into Community Support at  Thank you so much for your patience.
Nov 21, 2020
JaleesaGWhat is going on? Are we still able to get the cable or not? Any updates???? Gonna cancel the order.
Nov 22, 2020
localwarSame. ;(
Nov 5, 2020
cables are ready , awaiting for pickup
Nov 3, 2020
any updates?
Aug 13, 2020
I want to change my order from Mini-USB to Type-C , Please T_T
Aug 10, 2020
Hand.... made.... cables...
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