Moxie and Oliver Flask
Moxie and Oliver Flask
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Spirited Spirits

While the hip flask used to be a required accessory to any gentleman’s attire, it’s now become the calling card for a truly classy consumer. Lending you a generous dash of distinguishment and individualized to your specifications, the Moxie and Oliver Flask is a fully functional flask that carries the aesthetics of alcohol’s classy past.

Note: On this drop, you can choose between three sizes (4, 6, or 8 ounces) as well as a custom monograph.

To make sure that your request gets made, send an e-mail to with your transaction ID and your choice of monogram (up to five characters). If you do not e-mail support, your flask will arrive without customization.

Bypass the Bottle

A long way from the ancient pig bladders and waterskins we used to lug around, this fine stainless steel flask is iconically shaped. Thanks to the subtle curve, it fits flush against the hip or thigh for easy access to discreet refreshment. Buffed to a shine, the glinting metal body holds your favorite drink without opening yourself to open container violations.

Vintage Aqua Vitae

The flask comes wrapped in hand cut, branded, and dyed antique black leather that has been aged to perfection. For a final, personal touch, the leather sleeve comes embossed with your individual monogram (up to five characters). Designed for modern convenience, the Moxie and Oliver Flask manages to retain the vintage appeal that made flasks worth carrying in the first place. At checkout, you’ll be able to choose between three sizes: four, six, and eight ounces.

  • Moxie and Oliver
  • Stainless steel reservoir
  • Wrapped in antique black leather
  • Embossed with a custom monogram (up to 5 characters)
  • Volume: 4 oz (118.29 mL), 6 oz (177.44 mL), or 8 oz (236.58 mL)
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