Mulholland Bison Messenger
Mulholland Bison Messenger
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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

More than our shirts, more than our jeans, even more than our shoes, our bags get seen more than anything we own, because we carry them everyday. Instead of slinging something so-so over your shoulder, carry something that distinguishes you from the crowd. Made with care from high quality materials, the Mulholland Bison Messenger gives you an everyday bag that’s far from ordinary.

Own the Wild Frontier

It all starts with the main material, the leather sourced from American bison. After selecting each hide for its rough grain and character, the leather is left unfinished so that the defining pores and scars remain, making each bag unique. With unlined borders, raw edges, and stitching meant to emphasize more than offset, this messenger bag doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen outside of a John Wayne flick.

A Future Family Heirloom

Though classic in style, the Mulholland Bison Messenger has been updated for contemporary times with a minimalist buckle closure, a zip rear pocket, and an interior pocket. Handcrafted by artisans, the build quality on these bags is so high that they’re guaranteed to last for 200 years, not that any of you mortals will need it that long. On this drop, the Bison leather is available in Mahogany, Black, and Dark Brown. You can also get Bullhide in a variety of colors: Green, Aqua, Black, Brown, Purple, Deep Purple, Espresso, Red, Maroon, Tan, White, and Yellow. You also have a choice of Brass or Nickel hardware. Finally, choose either Tonal (matching the leather color) or Cream stitching.

  • 100% bison leather
  • Brass or nickel hardware
  • Choose from Bull or Bison leather
  • Choose from several color options
  • Tonal thread or cream thread (shown in photo)
  • Canvas interior
  • Handcrafted in America
  • Final Sale

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Estimated ship date is Apr 22, 2014 PT.

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