Munchkin Mix 'n' Match Bundle

Munchkin Mix 'n' Match Bundle

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If you’ve ever wanted to battle enraged monsters, loot treasure, and backstab your friends, the opportunity has finally arrived in the form of Munchkin: an award-winning game from Steve Jackson and John Kovalic. A standalone card game that puts you down in the dungeon without having to deal with too many dice or dragons, the endless humor and thrilling adventure will have you and your friends enthralled from the first card flip Read More

Jan 30, 2019
I haven't bought this drop, but I own the base game and even a few of the expansions. For people who are just getting into board gaming, this is an attractive game. It's got a neat cartoon style, and it makes fun of nerds. The base game does a lot of poking at tropes in fantasy games like D&D and Pathfinder. I'd imagine that this set also does that for whatever other settings the games are played in. In terms of theme and aesthetic, this game is fun and light-hearted and easy to pick up for those who want something more complicated than monopoly or other classic games. I would give a word of warning for the competitive types though. In terms of game mechanics used to describe board games, this particular one relies heavily on the "take that" mechanic. That means there's a lot of direct interactions with players that cause them to have a bad time. This is great when you're trying to prevent the person currently winning from completely winning the game. You can even feel bad-ass when you drop the biggest bomb on an opponent. They might have felt they had an easy fight with level 1 crabs but then your play makes it an ancient, giant, level 16 crab who teams up against a level 20 dragon (or whatever all those levels are), making it a way harder fight that they might lose. It feels GREAT dropping that, but it can create some sore feelings as well. Just a fair warning. I've heard it described as a love it or hate it kind of game, so don't let my previous statements sway you from buying this. Those game mechanics are a blast for some groups! I'm personally more into euro games where I'm barely thinking about what other players are doing :P
Jan 31, 2019
I would add that the 'RNG' (random-number-generation) element to this game is on the high side of average. That is to say, the luck of the draw can easily render the best strategy irrelevant. Even tactical brilliance will have limits here, though they will consistently separate the better players from the careless players; if player skill and knowledge is in the same ballpark, then the RNG -ish aspect of card draws will determine the winner. The point of this game isn't really to win, it is to experience maximum absurdity within your trope of choice. I can also add that it plays wonderfully well with kids (in part due to that RNG thing) and is a game that parents can enjoy with their neophyte nerdlings, though it clearly helps if the kids are old enough to read the cards independently and make sense of them. If you yuk it up everyone will have a fantastic time of it. (Another good game for that kind of fun would be Fluxx, which arguably has even less viable strategy and is more about seizing momentary opportunities when they present themselves.)
Dec 29, 2018
I noticed the "base game" image is of the deluxe version. Is the deluxe version base game being offered in this drop?
Oct 19, 2018
What versions is everyone looking at? Planning on the base version but not sure about the other 2. Already own the pathfinder version.
Mar 30, 2019
Star and Impossible are really good ones. Fu is also funny.
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