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MXRSKEY 84u Bluetooth Hot-Swappable RGB Keyboard

MXRSKEY 84u Bluetooth Hot-Swappable RGB Keyboard

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Product Description
Blending an all-black construction with full RGB lighting and shine-through legends, MXRSKEY’s 84u keyboard gives users the best of both worlds when it comes to colorways. Offering both wireless and wired options, it does the same with its connectivity Read More

Jan 11, 2022
Would totally buy this if it came with Cherry MX Clears or MX Greys (or another tactile switch with a heavy actuation force)
Mar 16, 2021
It ended so fast D:
Mar 16, 2021
WantonDumplingYeah, but those are Gateron switches, which I understand to be inferior... But I have not had them so could be wrong.
Mar 16, 2021
DWolvinI have. I wouldn't say Gateron switches are inferior to kailh switches. They're generally better than Cherry's own switches (smoother linears, more tactile browns) , didn't have the stem breaking issue that Kailh's early box switches had that ruined a lot of people's expensive keycap sets, and they even manufacture Zeal's switches (zealios, tealios etc) that are some of the best switches you can buy. Box white switches are decent for clicky switches, but that's only because no one has quite created mx compatible alps style clicky switches yet (until Zeal's clickiez switch, which will be manufactured by Gateron anyway, and the nexus sliders don't quite count). I prefer Gateron yellows to Box Reds. I haven't tried box browns yet.
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