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MyDIYCNC Sprite CNC Machine Kit

MyDIYCNC Sprite CNC Machine Kit

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Product Description
At checkout, you’ll have several options to choose from. The base Sprite CNC Machine comes with the HiTorque Spindle upgrade included, and the set can be purchased either as a DIY Kit or as a fully assembled Turnkey Machine Read More
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Do It Myself

In an effort to put the power of machining in the hands of the people, MyDIYCNC set out to create a CNC Machine assembly kit that could be easily put together and deliver reliably high function. With several entry points, compatibility with most common CNC apps, and configurability to accommodate a range of spindle options as well as milling, cutting, engraving, and laser etching, the MyDIYCNC Sprite CNC Machine Kit is a versatile CNC Machine that can be assembled with minimal electronic or construction skills.

MyDIYCNC Sprite CNC Machine Kit

Make the Cut

This is a cutting machine, and it uses a spindle (rotary tool) as the primary cutting tool, which means you must be substantially more careful than with a filament printer. On the new and improved kit, the parts are precision CNC-milled aluminum, the spindle mounts have been improved, and the spindle itself now incorporates a ball bearing shaft, speed adjustment, a built-in cooling fan, and a keyless three-jaw chuck. Once constructed, the CNC Machine connects to your PC through a third party CNC software application, or through your USB port with the optional USB solution.

MyDIYCNC Sprite CNC Machine Kit
MyDIYCNC Sprite CNC Machine Kit


At checkout, you’ll have several options to choose from. The base Sprite CNC Machine comes with the HiTorque Spindle upgrade included, and the set can be purchased either as a DIY Kit or as a fully assembled Turnkey Machine. Additionally, you can select the follow options as add-ons: the Laser Head Kit (445 nm, 1.7 W blue laser) to add laser etching and thin material cutting capabilities; the MyDIYCNC Limit Switches Kit to add limit switches, with some soldering and drilling required; Parallel Port Cable (25-pin D-type Male-to-Female straight through cable) to connect the system to your PC; the PC PCI Parallel Port Add-in Card to add a Parallel Port interface to your PC; and the MyDIYCNC USB Solution (including interface, cable, and FabCAM) to make your CNC Machine USB-controlled.

MeshCAM is also available at checkout as an option, and it is an incredible piece of software for people without an engineering background. Check out their site here for more information -

MyDIYCNC Sprite CNC Machine Kit


  • All-new billet aluminum, precision machine parts
  • Larger work area- 7 x 13 x 3.7 in (178 x 330 x 94 mm)
  • Fewer parts for greater precision, accuracy, and durability
  • Built-in precise alignment of parts
  • Pocketed bearing for precise alignment and reduced play
  • Stiffer raised aluminum table incorporates slots and threaded holes for clamps and screw down fixtures
  • Table clears side rails and X motor for extended workspace
  • Centered Z motor/drivetrain for extended Y axis travel and less canting/binding
  • Anti-backlash mechanism now machined into axis carriage for greater accuracy and repeatability
  • Z carriage features billet aluminum bolt-on tool plate and machined aluminum spindle mounts


  • Construction Plans and Comprehensive Builder’s Manual
  • 3 2-layer MyDIYCNC Stepper Driver Modules
  • MyDIYCNC Spindle Control Module
  • Full set of rods
  • Bearings and billet aluminum axis carriages
  • 3 stepper motors
  • Threaded rods
  • Couplings
  • Built-in anti-blacklash leadscrew mechanisms for the X, Y, and Z axes
  • Complete chassis and carriage parts
  • Power supply
  • Enclosure
  • 12 V spindle
  • All required hardware

Further Specs

Working Area Dimensions

  • Sprite table dimensions- 9.5 x 14 in (241 x 356 mm)
  • Sprite workspace- 7 x 13 x 3.7 in (178 x 330 x 94 mm)
  • Table travel- 13 in (330 mm)
  • Working height clearance- 3.7 in (94 mm)
  • Max spindle height- 5 in (127 mm)
  • Y axis travel- 9.5 in (241 mm)
  • Z axis travel- 4 in (102 mm)


  • 4,000 steps per inch, 0.00025 in (0.00635 mm) per step, each axis
  • Up to 32,000 steps per inch, 0.0000312 in (0.000794 mm) per step with microstepping Easy Driver electronics
  • Full-step, full-torque performance
  • Includes anti-backlash leadscrew mechanisms on each axis


  • Will vary with application and software used
  • Max tested travel speed- 26 IPM (inches per minute) with Chopper Drivers
  • Max 10 IPM with full-step, full-torque Drivers

Stepper Motors

  • NEMA 17 mount
  • 12 V DC Bipolar Stepper Motor
  • 1.8° Step Angle
  • 0.4 Amp/phase
  • 2 Phase
  • Resistance- 30 Ohm
  • Inductance- 32 mH
  • Holding torque- 2 Kg/cm
  • Detent torque- 210 g/cm
  • Shaft diameter- 0.20 in (5 mm)
  • Shaft length- 0.94 in (24 mm)


  • Adjustable speed- 5,000 to 14,000 RPM
  • Ball bearing supported shaft
  • Powerful torque- 110 g/cm
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Button spindle lock
  • Keyless 3-jaw chuck head

Power Requirements

  • Power supply- 220 VAC or 110 VAC, switch-selectable
  • 12 VDC, up to 4 AMPS
  • 5 VDC, 500 mA

Laser Head

  • Absolute Maximum Ratings:
  • Forward current (Tc = 25° C)- 1.7 A
  • Allowable reverse current (Tc = 25° C)- 85 mA
  • Operating case temperature- 122° F (50° C)

Electrical/Optical Characteristics

  • Optical output power- 1.6 W
  • Dominant wavelength- 435 - 455 nm
  • Threshold current- 80 - 220 mA
  • Operating voltage- 3.7 - 5.5 V
  • Beam divergence full angle (1/e²)- 5 - 25°, 14° typical
  • Beam divergence full angle (1/e²) Perp- 30 - 50°, 44° typical

Laser Driver Board

  • High power current source for driving Laser Diodes and Light Emitting Diodes
  • Current range of 2.0 Amps
  • Current ranges are adjustable in 500 ma increments
  • No need for extra cooling at maximum load
  • Soft start for diode protection
  • Reverse diode and ESD protection
  • Thermal protection and over current protection
  • Compact size
  • CW mode and Input Control mode
  • Digitally isolated control input
  • Control from CW to 5 KHz
  • Configurable input signal- inverting/non-inverting
  • Multiple connection options for both Laser/LED output and control input
  • LED status lights for input laser enabled and laser on
  • Optional fan for extra thermal stability

Laser Board Specs

  • HCDBSA 2.0 AMP
  • Current source range- 0 - 2.0 Amps
  • Current limit jumper settings- 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 Amps
  • Compliance voltage w/ 7.5 V adapter- 3.5 V
  • Compliance voltage w/ 12 V adapter- 8 V
  • Current resolution- 0.01%
  • Current adjustment- analog, trim pot
  • Current range accuracy- always greater than limit, no more than 15%
  • Laser diode protection- soft start, reverse voltage, current limit, thermal shutdown
  • Control signal digital isolation voltage- 4500 Vrms
  • Minimum control signal “turn on” voltage- 2.8 V
  • Control signal maximum voltage- 36 V
  • Control signal maximum current- 50 ma
  • Control signal maximum frequency- 5 KHz
  • Connectors- screw terminal and Molex Mini-Fit Jr connectors
  • Operating temperature- 32 to 104° F (0 to 40° C)
  • Storage temperature- -40 to 158° F (-40 to 70° C)
  • Dimensions- 2.85 x 2.1 in (7.24 x 5.33 cm)


Estimated ship date is May 26, 2014 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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