One Star Horween Chromexcel Leather Belt
One Star Horween Chromexcel Leather Belt
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Product Description
This is a genuine 100% handmade-in-the-USA product. Each piece is cut and assembled by Keegan at One Star Leather Goods in Los Angeles Read More
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This is a genuine 100% handmade-in-the-USA product. Each piece is cut and assembled by Keegan at One Star Leather Goods in Los Angeles. Horween's Chromexcel is a legendary leather tanned in Chicago for more than 100 years. This belt is 9-10 oz. in thickness and 1.5" or 1.25" in width. It is a simple strip of the superior quality soft, supple leather. The edges are straight cut and will develop a nicely rounded shape as the belt wears in. This is not a dress belt, but is perfect for casual wear, especially with your favorite pair of denim. It will look better and better as it ages. It is finished with a center bar buckle and a chicago screw, which is easily removable with a flathead screwdriver if you later want to swap out the buckle but keep your nicely-aged strap.


These are instructions from the man who will be making your belts:

"I custom fit these belts to my customers. The measurement I need is NOT your pant size. You must follow these instructions and provide me the requested belt measurement in order for me to process your order:

The best way to determine size is by measuring a current belt that fits you well. Measure the distance from the hole you use most all the way to the other end of the belt, where the leather folds over the buckle. Your belt size is typically a few inches larger than your pant size.

I will use your measurement as one hole tighter than the middle hole of a run of 5 holes (1 inch apart) - to account for about 1" of break in stretch in the belt. Remember to double check your belt measurement. **I am not responsible for measurement mistakes or failure to follow above instructions!** "


Leather Options

Options are the same order in the picture to the right.

  • Natural
  • Tan
  • Burgundy #5872
  • Brown
  • Black

Buckle Options

  1. Square Solid Brass
  2. Round Solid Brass
  3. Clipped Corner Raw Brass
  4. Clipped Corner Gunmetal Nickel
  5. Square Shiny Nickel (NA in 1.25" width)
  6. Round Shiny Nickel

All orders will be shipped by Drop.

Estimated ship date is Feb 28, 2014 PT.

After this product run ends, payment will be collected and orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final. Check the discussion for updates on your order.