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Oct 13, 2016
I purchased this a couple months ago, while I am only a layman and cannot comment on the fine-tuneness of the sound like some others are able; I can give a few other descriptions about the product.
Pro's: Much higher quality sound when compared to my old skullcandy headphones which I had been using for years. The cord's semi-grippy coating and stiffness makes it resistant to tangling in the pocket and absent-minded bite marks . The red and grey coloring looks pretty sleek. Metal and stiff plastic housings which seem resistant to the normal breakage spots of many headphones. Very comfortable, I can keep them in for hours without issues.
Con's: Cord is short, only about ~46" from jack to the top of the buds which makes it a pain if you have a low standing computer or are running the cord through all your layers of clothes. I would like to see another 10" or so on the cord length. There is no mic or audio control on the cord.
Overall I really enjoy the headphones and I would definitely buy them again. The minor inconveniences are just that, minor. But if you are looking to have a hands-free calling experience when hooked up to your phone you will want a different product.
Oct 13, 2016
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