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Plum 87 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

Plum 87 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

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Product Description
Outfitted with linear, 35-gram electro capacitive switches, the 87-key plum keyboard is excellent for gaming, writing, and working. The switches are easy to press and only make a subtle sound when typing Read More

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100% would recommend to a friend
Sep 8, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
what a deal!!
Drops actually shipped the latest Niz 87 and the item is $179 on amazon, what a deal.
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Feb 22, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Pillow like keypresses
Very light and quiet keys. Lots of programmable functions and options to add springs to make keys a tad bit heavier.
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Oct 15, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Really like this keyboard.... with 55g dome sheet.
As others have mentioned, the 35g dome sheet is very very light. To me, coming from MX Browns and MX Blues, it feels much better with a 55g dome sheet, and I actually prefer this board to my MX boards for typing feel. It is a little but louder than my MX Brown Ducky DK9008 with QMX Clips, dampening material inside the case, and lots of lubed stuff, but it's definitely quieter than most stock MX brown keyboards. I only wish that Drop would do this again in the black variant, ideally with a full size option not just TKL.
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Jun 15, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
4 Years and Still going STRONG
What a keyboard, I moved from a Ducky Zero (Blue) to these Electro-capacitives and there's no going back. It feels infinitly better than Cherry MX. 35g is a sweet spot for my little soft fingers! Quite, satisfying and slick.
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Apr 12, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Factory pre lubed stabs, amazing build quality. Without spring is too light for me, but pretty comfortable for long writing sessions with 10g springs added. Also has mx keycaps compatibility.
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Apr 9, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Amazing starter board
Topre feels + mx compatibility for a fraction of the price. I reccomend getting a set of 45g or 55g domes for it as the stock domes are quite light.
Oct 27, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Solid keyboard, nice feel
I think the keyboard is much improved with the springs provided, which get it to a heavier weight. Overall this was a great keyboard to replace my work-issued rubber dome keyboard. Functional and still feels good.
Sep 26, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
My favourite keyboard for work (may EVEN get one for home)
I'm sincerely torn between how much I love this vs my blue switch keyboard. I adore them both for typing, even though they both have a superb feel when typing on them. I love this because it's a beautiful, soft, *thock* with each keypress and doesn't annoy colleagues. I don't tend to rest my fingers on the keys so the spring tension is perfect for me and I rarely miss keystrokes. Very (very!) impressed for the price. I'll be keeping an eye for a re-run of this to get a second one I think.
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Sep 1, 2019
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I love this Keyborad
I love this Keyborad, but...No manual in the box or any thing regarding the software or how to upgrade the firmware, and the website is absolutely useless. Click for Video and Sound tests



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Jun 12, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Good keyboard for a good price
It's a keyboard. It's good. My only complaints are:
  1. The resistance is quite low. So I find myself accidentally pressing keys sometimes, which doesn't happen on other keyboards I use. So be prepared for that.
  2. No onboard USB hub. So I have to plug my mouse in to my USB hub.
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Electrostatic capacitive switches are a little faster than basic bitch Cherry and Cherry-esque switches, but it is a relatively close race. The OmniPoint switch in the Apex Pro TKL's are multiple times faster. That's the switch itself. All the other variables can easily make that not matter at all. For example- How your fingers rest above the key, how quickly you push the key, how much weight there is in the key press, how close the actuation point is, how fast the controller accepts and sends out the signal, how you are plugged into the computer. If I were after speed for gaming, the first component I would optimize, after the GPU (for the specific game) of course, would be the monitor. As LinusTechTips demonstrated a few years ago or so, the speed of your display matters a lot. We are talking up to several kills per game in your favor when playing an FPS game against someone of equal skill, if they are only gaming at 60hz and you're on the bleeding edge. So, there is a good excuse to use a high refresh rate display. If I had to put together a fast keyboard setup, though- I would probably just find the fastest gaming keyboard I could that supports plugging into a PS/2 port. PS/2 ports send a direct hardware interrupt to the CPU, so it is going to outdraw USB no matter what. The problem is that less motherboards support PS/2 these days, and companies selling keyboards have little to no incentive to mention support for it, given that keyboards have been using USB en masse since 1998. If the Apex Pro TKL supported PS/2, it would be a solid candidate. Me, myself, though? Right now? I wouldn't worry too much about the speed of the keyboard. I also wouldn't piss on Steelseries if they were on fire, though that is a discussion for another day.
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