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Plum84 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

Plum84 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard

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Product Description
Utilizing electro-capacitive key switches, the Plum84 combines the silent operation of a rubber dome keyboard with the reliability and tactility of a mechanical keyboard. Plus, these unique switches are compatible with Cherry MX-style keycaps Read More

Customer Reviews

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Apr 12, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
What I like about the Plum 84 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard is: * the layout, it's the best compromise I have seen for a classic staggered qwerty keyboard, it's almost as small as an hhkb but it has real arrowkeys and a function row as thightly packed as can be * the topre-like switches that are fairly silent, smooth and extremly soft and light to the touch (35g) * the rgb backlight, obviously * and it's programmable - through a windows binary, but still - I have moved only a few keys, to make it more like an hhkb * all at a very reasonable price too * plus, it's got pbt key caps - I'll never replace them maybe I'll buy another one, someday, for the workplace of course.
Apr 12, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Working fine as expected. Switch quality is similar to Realforce. Keytop was a little cheap (maybe because of its color, or print) but the feel of touch is the PBT. What I love is Much more silent space bar than HHKB’s. I recommended this to my coworker and I obtained more quiet workplace.
Jun 13, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I'm quite happy with this keyboard despite I bought it mostly out of curiosity about the Plum switches and because I wanted to try out a 75% layout keyboard (and hence looked for a not that expensive keyboard). But I can definitely recommend it if you want a not too expensive, sturdy, compact and silent keyboard with MX-compatible, linear (and electro-capacitive) switches, an F-keys row and dedicated cursor keys.
It works well under Debian GNU/Linux and probably so under nearly every other OS, too. It also seems to work fine with my Aten KVM switch.
About the switches:
The switches have a linear pressure profile and the required pressure to press a key is rather low and I'm often bottoming out. (There were some additional springs included, so you can seem to change the amount of pressure needed to press a key. But I didn't try that so far.)
It's though not a loud keyboard. It's not totally silent, but much more silent than my Ducky One with Cherry MX Clear or my Tex Yoda II with Cherry MX Brown switches — even despite both those keyboards are fitted with dampener o-rings.
They switches activate rather soon after less than 2mm of key movement. This might cause you to press keys accidentally while just resting your hand very close to the keyboard. On the other hand, this might be an advantage for gamers as it allows to react faster.
About the case:
The case is made out of slightl rough plastic and is rougher than e.g. a Ducky One case. But despite looking like a rather cheap material, the keyboard case is still very sturdy. So from my point of view that's no disavantage.
There are several cable ducts on the bottom backside of the keyboard so you can choose between five positions where the cable should leave the keyboard.
About the USB cable:
It's a white, braided, not too short Mini-USB cable with a velcro fastener. It fits well into the cable ducts of the case.
Not so nice is the rather tight Mini-USB socket. Took me a few tries to get the plug in deep enough so that the keyboard worked reliable.
About the layout:
General advantages of this layout: It's more compact than a TKL, yet still close enough to a TKL to be able to type on it without having to think or practice much.
Keyboard-specific layout advantages: I really like Home, PageUp, PageDown and End being in one vertical row and especially in that order. Any other ordering of these keys (as seen on other keyboards of that size) feels unnatural to me.
General layout disadvantages: If you intend to use a Cherry profile, OEM profile or even SA profile key set, be aware that the keys PageUp, PageDown and End are not on their usual key row, but one or two rows lower. Except with maybe the SA profile it doesn't look as bad as one might expect, especially if not all keys have the same color. And it of course should not matter with DSA and XDA profiles or any other key profile whose key top surface is horizontal compared to the PCB and plate.
Keyboard-specific layout disadvantages: If you intend to use this board, be aware that it has a 5.5u space bar — which is not that common. But then again a white spacebar doesn't look that bad with any colorful key set, at least it doesn't with the StarTrek themed blue key set I've put on it.
About the back-lighting:
I actually don't care much about the RBG back-lighting, so I don't have much to say about that. The keyboard at Massdrop with RGB was about the same price as the one without elsewhere and it was available in stock at that time, so I bought the one with RGB back-lighting despite not needing it.
Apr 19, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I use to have a Novatouch TKL with torpre Switches. And I kept it. This keyboard is EXCELENT but for a specific use.
Good points The touch is extremely light! If you have to type a lot, this keyboard is pure bliss> You barely have to push any touch to activate it. Te sound it produce is very low and acceeptable. This is why i mainly use this keyboard in office. This is just perfect when you have to do a lot of typing. My finger are thankfull for this new keyboard. The PBT caps seems very good to me The backlight is funny, but i do not like or use those kind of features.
Bad points: The keyboard is not perfect. Especially if, like me, you do a lot of gaming. The pressure needed to activate a switch is VERY low. If you play, you can activate switches by simply resting your fingers on the keyboard.
This keyboard is incredibly good. This is my favorite typing keyboard so far. However, it is really not adapted to gaming in my opinion.
Apr 12, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
It’s good. after a year of having it i’ve Mostly gotten used to the key placement. Do get onto the pdf manual and the software though. It does come in handy more than once. They can be found pretty easily with a google search.
Apr 12, 2018
OxydelAlso, I use this for work and have CM Masterkeys Pro S at home (Brown switches) but I still prefer this one. It’s more comfortable and more quiet
Apr 11, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
So far so great. Really like the action and the feel. The lights are a bonus. Being able to reassign the alt and command keys making it more mac friendly has made it like home.
Apr 11, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
The best typing experience out there. Better than any topre. Feels and sounds so good. Cannot go back to Cherry MX stems after this.
Apr 12, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Dec 14, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This is the most comfortable and quiet keyboard I have ever used. I have a mx-brown board at home that replaced a mx-blue. Those are fine, but electro-capacitive is in a league of its own in my opinion. Also, as a web developer I find this to be a great work keyboard as it is very quiet, but also has great tactility while still only needing 35g of actuation force. It's a pretty incredible little package. I recommend this to anyone (work, casual, or gaming) that is in the market for a new board.
Jun 13, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Fantastic keyboard. Keys are very light and responsive. Just wish it came with more thorough instructions.
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