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Poco Golden Camphor Burl & Resin Wrist Rest

Poco Golden Camphor Burl & Resin Wrist Rest

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Product Description
Camphor burl is a rare wood from Southeast Asia that swirls with colors ranging from light brown to deep scarlet. Its rich hue and varied texture are on bold display in these wrist rests from Poco Read More

Finally shipped! Edit: Arrived 12/13.
Dec 2, 2019
Still waiting for this thing, it's now December.
Nov 26, 2019
This has been delayed more than 15 days now is it still coming or should i order something else?
Nov 14, 2019
i received an e-mail saying that the shipment was delayed. it's a little longer to wait, but it's okay..
Is this drop on-track? Estimated delivery date was today, 11/13.
Aug 3, 2019
Looks amazing
Aug 2, 2019
There was some good feedback here about quality and the edge of the wristrest from the last round - are any of those topics addressed this time? I would love to jump in on this, but I would like to see some type of update. I'm most concerned about:
  • Darker blue than pictured in the resin
  • "Floaters" in the resin
  • Scratches
  • Pits not filled in within the wood / wood not sealed & finished properly
Jul 7, 2019
Got mine and here are a few comments. Interesting that they haven't allowed reviews....
  1. Angle is uncomfortable and has a hard edge at the wrist.
  2. About 3mm too short even with the feet on the back edge (measuring stize here, its obvious that these are saw mill extras cut off to make Burl panels and Slabs. They are not from the initial cuts, but some kind of different process from the usual hand-slabbing on a mill.
  3. The backside on mine was the prettier side, but had deep scratches in the resin.
  4. Ended up having to hit all of the resin parts on mine with Novus system to get out scratches :(
  5. Wood is TOO DRY and NOT stabilized. Needed to add mineral oil to prevent splits and cracks.
  6. Splits and cracks in the wood were not stabilized or filled in with resin (you will need to take care of that)
  7. Lots of particulate matter in the resin from unscraped wood edges creating "floaters", really just a process miss-step here.
It is beautiful, but dang it took HOURS of my own time and equipment to "make it right" and even then I am having to buy EXTRA parts to have it be normal. This isn't even my only Wood+Resin wrist rest. TBH the Royal Glam Ebony + Resin ones were made better. I can only imagine that experience here would make these better in the future, but right now they are far too thin and require a lot of hand finishing by the end consumer. It would have honestly been much better if they did a layer of resin casting or thick varnish. Even the wood is not perfectly smooth and feels like it was hit with ~400 grit sandpaper which is how some of the scratches probably came into being as it was all likely done on a belt or someone was hitting the edge of the paper on the item quite a bit. I would only recommend this to the DIY enthusiast.
Aug 2, 2019
chilofthehornThanks for mentioning a product to fix the finish of the resin. I'll end up doing this to mine. Any pics of the one you have now? And any more tips?
Jun 28, 2019
I received mine awhile ago, and I gotta say, its beautiful. I can't post a review as the status still hasn't updated to delivered for some time, so I'm posting my thoughts here. There are a couple minor imperfections but nothing I would consider a fault, or justification for a lower price. Some people expressed concerns about it separating, and there's no way this thing is coming apart. It's solid as a brick. I do have some constructive feedback about the design now that I've been using it, and I hope that feedback is taken into consideration if you repro these in the future.
  1. The wrist rest has a hard edge where your hand actually meets your wrist, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Putting a bezel/rounding this edge here could go a long way.
  2. The angle the wrist rest sits at makes it more flat than angular. Just a few degrees steeper and it would be perfect.
  3. On the reverse side of the wrist rest, the wood burl has some (natural) pitting, which I would like to have seen filled. I understand when you're producing these things in large batches it's harder to manage all those small imperfections piece by piece - especially when the wait time for a handcrafted item like this is already long to begin with.
  4. The inclusion of clear adhesive rubber feet was a nice touch, it keeps it from sliding around and they're barely noticeable through the blue resin.
There will always be minute differences between the product image and the finished product with handcrafted items. Even so, I was a bit let down as the wood has a dull lustre as opposed to the almost tigers-eye like shine shown in the example images. The blue resin is slightly darker as well, but hey - I'd be seriously impressed if you could mix this by hand and get the same color hue and intensity every time. Anyone who has worked with resin knows that any minute difference in your mixtures will noticeably change the color. I'd give it a solid 8.5/10, and probably a 10 if the edge where my wrist sits was rounded.

Jul 2, 2019
moonsugarThanks for your super carefully and detailed comment!
Jun 3, 2019
Finished soon,I check the each wrist rests carefully. Every products used Plastic Wrap to package in order to prevent wood bend.

Jun 19, 2019
WuuuIs there a way to order additional? Or will you drop more later on? They look great in those photos
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