SouthOrd Full Line Lockpick Sets

SouthOrd Full Line Lockpick Sets

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Product Description
As the industry leader in stainless steel locksmith tools for professionals, SouthOrd has a reputation for providing quality lockpicking tools for government professionals, repo men, Special Ops forces, locksmiths, and hobbyists alike Read More


  • SouthOrd
  • MPXS-62 or C6010
  • Rustproof
  • Stainless Steel

MPXS-62 Specs

  • 12 US picks with metal handles (including one broken key extractor)
  • 14 US picks with standard handles
  • 15 slim picks with metal handles
  • 15 slim picks with standard handles (including one broken key extractor and two double sided picks)
  • 5 warded picks
  • 8 tension tools
  • Fold out leather carrying case

C6010 Specs

  • 30 slim picks with metal handles
  • 30 slim picks with standard handles (including one broken key extractor)
  • 5 warded picks
  • 9 tension tools
  • Leather carrying case

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California Customers: by placing an order for locksmith tools to be delivered in California, the buyer certifies that the tools will be delivered to either a licensed locksmith or that the receiver is exempt from licensing because they are working as an “in house locksmith,” or exempted for other reasons.


Estimated ship date is Jan 21, 2021 PT.

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