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Space Cables Blue Lagoon Coiled Aviator Cable

Space Cables Blue Lagoon Coiled Aviator Cable

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Product Description
The MT3 Blue Lagoon colorway of the Space Cables Coiled Aviator Cable brings a sleek, colorful aesthetic to any mech keys setup. Handmade in the USA with lavender paracord and a dark purple Techflex, there’s an organic but bold quality to the scheme Read More

Dec 3, 2021
These don't say what the connector is.. I'm assuming USB-C, but, it would be nice to know for sure.
luciddreamYes, it is USB Type-C! I've let Drop know it was left out of the description.
A community member
Dec 2, 2021
What makes these "MT3?" Are they color-matched to any specific MT3 keysets?
Dec 2, 2021
It looks like these are matched to the Apollo Godspeed caps, which makes sense given the Space Cables label.
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