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Stack Overflow The Key Macropad

Stack Overflow The Key Macropad

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Product Description
Some say a programmer’s best solution is a simple two-step process: copy and paste. On April 1st, 2021, Stack Overflow proved it Read More

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Oct 6, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Friggin love this thing
I can't believe no one told me that it has RGB!!!!!!
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Oct 23, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
I thought I knew the way to become a 10x developer, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This macropad utilizes the revolutionary copy-and-paste code production method to leave even more time for kombucha consumption. 10/10
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Oct 6, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Not sure why I bought a nearly $30 keyboard with just 3 keys, but I have no regrets. It has nice build quality and the switches feel smooth. The included rubber feet do not actually fit in their spots on the bottom, so I had to trim them a bit. Update: Just wanted to add that when I unscrewed the bottom panel, there were a bunch of scratches on the inside chamber, probably happened during assembly. Since it's hidden it may not be an issue for some, but it should not happen. Took off a star for that.
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Oct 13, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
In all seriousness, my absolute favorite macropad
I love everything about this small keyboard. You wouldn't know this from the marketing copy, but it's got a metal body which gives the keypad enough heft to stay exactly where you put it even when the USB cable is dangling over the side of my desk. The buttons are just as clicky and responsive as you'd hope. I reprogrammed mine for some work functions fairly quickly with only minimal prior experience with QMK. It is small, unobtrusive, and incredibly useful. It arrived very quickly, beautifully packaged in a custom padded box, with extra screws. While I initially thought the price was at the high end - I now believe the price tag is entirely justified. This is one of the few times I've purchased something to discovery I received more than I was hoping for. This keyboard deserves 6 stars.
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Jan 18, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
"Greatest Artists Copy, then Paste"
I'm an accountant. 13.95 of my often 14-hour workdays consist of Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V, and the remaining .05 of that day might consist of the exotic and to-be-cherished Ctrl+X -> Ctrl+V. That being said, the stack overflow wasn't quite as cheap as it should have been, and while being nicely constructed, it would have been nice to have a hot-swappable and further modifiable platform.
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Mar 25, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Now I can pretend to code in style.
Nice novelty to bring some solace when you realize you cannot code.
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Oct 8, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Very very well made. Novelty item that’s super helpful.
my hand thanks me everyday, the only thing you need to get used to is re-writing muscle memory from the hand cramping position of copying and pasting. Beyond happy.

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Aug 17, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
April Fools dream realized
I remember when Stack Overflow had this as their prank. As a software developer, this is an all-time great novelty item. I don't care that's it's not even that practical since muscle memory for Ctrl+C/V is already so strong. Makes for a great little macropad to put cool keycaps on. It's programmable as well so you can extend it beyond just Ctrl, C, and V. I imagine this might be useful for an osu! player. Of course I bought V2, can't wait!
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Aug 15, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
My daily driver
This little guy has become my daily driver for work. I bought it since I do a lot of Copy+Pasting and the simplicity of these three switches makes it great to keep around your desk. Out of the box its defaulted to CTRL+COPY+PASTE so I did not need to remap any of the switches.
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Jun 22, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Quick Actions at your Fingertips
It may seem limited at the first glance, but once you start thinking of ways to make it work for you, you do find a ton of uses. Media keys, shortcuts, and more. Then you even think of replacing the keycaps and make it even more custom. Easily programmable and well build, love it!
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