Superior Threads Titanium Needles (4-Pack)

Superior Threads Titanium Needles (4-Pack)

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Product Description
When you need a replacement needle for your home sewing machine, you can extend the lifetime and performance of your set-up with a pack of Superior Threads Titanium-Coated Needles. Made with a high-strength steel base and coated in titanium-nitride, the needles stay sharper for longer and feature excellent abrasion resistance, lasting up to eight times longer than standard needles Read More


  • Superior Threads and Organ Needle Company
  • High-strength steel base
  • Titanium-nitride coating
  • Elongated needle eye

Topstitch #70/10

  • For quilting, appliqué, and embroidery with very fine threads (60 wt)

Topstitch #80/12

  • For piecing, appliqué, and sewing with fine threads (50 wt)

Topstitch #90/14

  • For quilting and embroidery with medium threads (40 wt)

Topstitch #100/16

  • For quilting and decorative stitching using heavier threads (30 wt and heavier)


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