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Oct 3, 2021
Now please bring some keycaps; the included ones are awful, and an amazing keyboard deserves better caps.
Oct 9, 2021
syberghostTex had a collab with GMK and made a nice keycap set that nobody purchased for like 2 years...I was about to get a set but then noticed they recently sold out since they only made 100 sets. And they were kinda steep at $175 just for a little less keycaps than a TKL. Also for anyone wanting custom GMK keycaps for your Yoda 2 keyboard, Tex said they would round off your G, H, B keys for a fee of $2 as there were a fair amount of people who wanted these keys included with GMK Thinkcaps (but not enough to get many sets of them made). Anyways, you can always contact Tex and they will round your GMK Thinkcaps (keycap set made to resemble IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads, that should be close to going in production now as its been roughly a year or so since this was a GB) so naturally myself and a few others filled out the IC for Tex Yoda 2 compatible keycaps (rounded G H B keycaps to go around the track pad) whenever they arrive or you can send in any keycaps to get rounded off by them....but they are located in Taiwan just FYI in case that's a make or break it depending on where you live and shipping costs.

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