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Apr 28, 2015
An update now that I've been typing on this keyboard every day for about two weeks:
After removing a surface mounted resistor from the trackpoint module to disable the push-to-click functionality everything has been working pretty well. (See one of my earlier comments for a picture of the component I removed) The sensitivity on OSX is still poorly tuned and I haven't been able to get it to my liking yet (USB Overdrive doesn't offer enough customization of the acceleration curve) but it is usable.
I got the cherry mx blue switches, and typing on these is wonderful. My backtick/escape key did stop functioning a few days after the keyboard arrived, but I just reset the solder of the switch and the surface mounted resistor next to it and it started working again. The keyboard is easy to disassemble and service, which is a nice change from most consumer electronics.
Yeah, their quality control probably could have been a bit better, but when you buy from a small electronics shop you're bound to have some trouble. And if you're enthusiastic enough to buy this keyboard, then a couple solderings is not a big deal.
I would still have bought the keyboard, despite the difficulties I have had. I do wish it had dedicated arrow keys, though. If they make another model with arrow keys I'll buy that one, too.
May 9, 2015
sbussThank you sbuss for the hint to reset the solder of the switch! I did the same on the key that stopped functioning, and now it is working fine again.
I would also buy a model with arrow keys. This is easily the best keyboard I have ever used, but sometimes I miss the arrow keys (especially when using programs without a "vi-mode").
May 22, 2015
lennartk@lennartk I actually really like the arrow key placement on this keyboard. I hold down the middle thumb button (which I have mapped to Fn) and basically get VIM mode in any program. It's so good. I just wished my keyboard worked ;_;
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