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Topre PBT Space Bar (2-Pack)

Topre PBT Space Bar (2-Pack)

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Product Description
Now featuring an improved design that better matches the OEM Topre space bar, this six-unit space bar is the result of months of research and development—spearheaded by keyboard expert Matt3o. Made from PBT, this new iteration of the popular Topre space bar now features a refined texture much closer to the original Read More

Apr 21, 2019
I participated in this drop during its original run in 2015. The ones I got are pretty bad—they don't fit onto the keyboard the same way as the ABS spacebar, causing them to sit higher on the board than normal and creating a mushier keypress. There's no audible "click" as the stabilizers clip into the side holes. Really disappointing. Has the quality of the fit improved over the years?
Aug 13, 2018
Just FYI, for everyone who have requested the drop to be opened again (including me), I found this website selling the same product with a pretty fare price: Check it out :)
Apr 26, 2018
Some people got crap quality, but mine came in fine shape. They have some rough bits on the sides that can be easily filed away. These PBT bars weigh about 6.7 grams compared to 5.65g for the original ABS ones. They have a pleasant extra-fine sandpaper texture on top. The widths all around are comparable to the ABS bars, about 0.45 - 0.52mm at various points - my 2 bars are not warped at all and have no staining on them. The fibers of the PBT can be seen in magnification. They both fit onto my board stems without problems, clean click on they are securely on. For the price these are good enough dudes. You guys are being overly autistic complaining about them.
Apr 25, 2018
It's shape is a little bit different from original bars... and mine has very slight stain on the left corner... i have to admit that the quality is not the best you can get.
+I just found out white one is a bit larger than original one... dark one is ok though, really disappointed :(
Apr 22, 2018
Well, these were a waste of money. Quality is trash, big blemish on both bars right in the center. Guess I'll be sticking with the ABS bar on my 87U.
Apr 20, 2018
I just got these and noticed that they make a louder harsher clacking sound on downstroke then my original HHKB space bar, which exhibits a much softer sound. Anyone else experience this and is there anything to reduce the clack? They look pretty identical so nothing physically obvious to cause it.
Apr 23, 2018
I got grey and dark grey I will try to bed it a tad and push it harder before i give up on it.
Apr 23, 2018
Just heated it a bit with a blow dryer and straightened it completely and then pushed real hard. Sounds ok now. Still not as perfect as I’d like but it’ll do for now lol
Apr 19, 2018
Did anyone recently get their bars from this drop? I got both a red and a dark gray and there’s an ugly blemish on both of them making me think something went wrong while they were being made.
Apr 21, 2018
Yes, it's not good. To be honest, I won't use either of them. The reason we came to Massdrop specifically for these spacebars is because we're extra particular about the quality of our keys. The fact that we both received crap is pretty pathetic if you ask me. I'm going to make a post on Reddit as well to keep people away from this drop.
Apr 21, 2018
xyeLzAgreed. I won’t use either as well the original spacebar is much better which says a lot
Apr 11, 2018
Do anyone of these match the gray mods on the fc660?
Apr 10, 2018
Matt3o involved + light gray. And for that reason, I am in.
Apr 8, 2018
Wow, just got a free pair of the orange yesterday. TY MD!
Apr 8, 2018
Your guess is as good as any. I didn't even know this drop existed till today.
Apr 8, 2018
Panic_Mavenwtf i don't get it... massdrop hate me i guess o/
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