Topre Realforce 91U JIS Layout Keyboard

Topre Realforce 91U JIS Layout Keyboard

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Product Description
The Topre Realforce 91U is made in the Japanese standard JIS layout, which features a smaller (2.5U) space bar and a smaller right-hand shift key to make room for four extra keys. Comprising 91 keys, this board is outfitted with Topre’s electrostatic capacitive switches, which are hailed for their tactile comfort and long lasting properties Read More


  • JIS layout
  • 91 keys
  • 4 mm travel Topre electrostatic capacitive key switches
  • variable weighting: 30-45-55 g
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • USB interface
  • Adjustable feet
  • Cable length: 1.6 m (5.25 ft); non-detachable


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