TuyaKnife Shuriken M390 Titanium Frame Lock Knife
TuyaKnife Shuriken M390 Titanium Frame Lock Knife
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Literally meaning “hidden hand blade” in Japanese, a shuriken is a concealed weapon, like a throwing star, used to confuse or misdirect. While this titanium frame lock may share the same name, there’s nothing confusing about what it brings to the table Read More

Jul 1, 2020
I am the main U.S distributor for wholesale and retail. This is an older model only 250pc were made in this upgraded version. The action is smooth drop shut and snappy, lifetime warranty service all handled by me in the states. pivot tool is a 2 prong spanner bit, but small flat head works fine. As far as Clones ! I been with Tuya for 4 years they do all original designs, they are a oem manufacture and sold this design to many, and the plain version was before they even started the brand Tuya but they have never done clones and never will, they did make “some” knives for factor equipment not all. Tuya is doing oem knives for companies in the U.S and Europe but it’s common practice we sign non-disclosure agreements so I can’t mention those companies, but the only thing that should matter is it’s a great knife, and great company that stands behind the product ! High level of quality and doesn’t Clone anyone’s designs. Please if you have any questions email me at Tuyaknives@hotmail.com
Jun 29, 2020
This knife has been in the market for very long, i suspect this is probably some “new old stock” that don’t sell well. Only buy if you really really love this design and never plan on getting rid of it. You won’t get your money back in the secondary market.
Jun 26, 2020
Buyer beware, for all those who like to strip down everything they purchase (or who simply wind up with a knife that's off-centered, or has a too-tight pivot for that drop-shut performance you crave): you're gonna have a problem with this one, considering the proprietary fitting the maker is using on both sides of that pivot! Anyone know if there's anywhere you can get an after-market wrench that'll fit that thing? Shouldn't need saying, considering how obvious the pictures make it . . . but then I remember all the people who bitched and moaned about how "unexpectedly/disappointingly tiny" the Rike Hummingbird was when they received it!
Jun 25, 2020
I mean, it's hard to keep track of it all. I know Tuya's had it available for a while now but the design could have easily been elsewhere already. I only occasionally drop into places like AliExpress and DHgate, just to see what's what, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything that Tuya was the first place I ever saw the design - but it was the first place i saw it. I then saw it on Factor Eq about six months after I picked up mine... and was like 'wtf?' and started looking around and that was when I saw the Dave Warren comment about designs from designers that have licensed them to other companies.
Jul 3, 2020
Tuya made them for factor, It’s confusing but common. If you have any questions let me know I’ll be happy to answer. Thank you