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Vortex VIBE Mechanical Keyboard

Vortex VIBE Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Vortex VIBE is a riff on the popular 83-key Vortex Race 3 keyboard. After requests to include a numpad (which the Race 3 lacked) and to remove the function keys (which it had), Vortex heeded the call Read More

Jan 13, 2021
Just discovered this website. Anybody have a clue when this will be available again? I'm hoping for a Vibe with MX Clears. Out of stock everywhere. First mechanical keyboard. Super excited!
Nov 18, 2019
Hi I would like to have a shortcut to the windows calculator via a dedicated key (had that on my previous board) any tips? I have figured out how to move buttons via the program key etc. Very happy with the keyboard. Types like my old IBM :) ^^ Very neat, heavy, solid sound of keys.
Oct 6, 2019
Is it RGB backlit? I saw the one in the video does.
Oct 3, 2019
This may be a noob question, but why does this keyboard have no arrow keys? Is there some group of users who can get by without them?
Oct 4, 2019
cb80It's quite common for keyboards that are considered for "Enthusiasts" to lack Arrow Keys, Function Keys, Number Pads, etc. It's often due to not being necessary for a typing experience.
Oct 4, 2019
cb80The Vibe switches to a TKL mode when you press the Numlock key. Also, Vortex keyboards are semi-programmable, so you might be able to remap the arrow keys to J, K, L, I. I did that on the few Vortex boards I own. Not sure if it can be done on the Vibe.
Oct 2, 2019
I have one of these in silent reed. Thing is perfect for my needs. They had this on a drop here maybe a year ago and I remember a lot of people complaining of defects and missing parts. Made me believe that these were refurbished or returns and if that is the case the price should be a lot lower.
Oct 1, 2019
Ugh I've wanted to have one of these for a while.
Sep 22, 2019
The only thing I don't like about this board... well besides the metal frame being thin and nubby legs for an incline... The whole point of a numpad and those who feel they need to retain a numpad is usually for muscle memory. Most numpads I use utilize a 2u "0" key. Vortex, along with many other numpad-included boards have decided we would rather split that key to make room for an invisible navigation cluster... you know... ..that section we did away with and decided we don't really care for it...... mofos that defeats the whole purpose of muscle memory for my retard right thumb that is now required to hit with the precision required for a 1u key. The gods dedicated a spacebar over 6u for our retard thumbs and now all of a sudden... oh its fine just hit this tiny itty bitty 1u "0" key with the point of your Murdoc-filed thumbnail while cocking your wrist in some complex, carpel-tunnel inducing yoga angle. Please! *sob* I want this layout just with a 2u "0" key... and the quality of Rama.
Jul 24, 2019
Its july 23, the day stated in the email when these will start shipping. Any news on when these will be sent out?
May 11, 2019
Bit of a n00b to mechanical keyboards so forgive the n00b question. I bought this keyboard with the standard keycaps and Cherry Browns, and I think it's great. But in my rush to buy it I fully overlooked the lack of arrow keys, and they're somewhat crucial to my job. Now I have done the Fn+Numlock toggle* to switch to the arrow key mode on the numpad and it's not too hard to remember which key does what, but ideally I'd rather swap the numpad keycaps with arrow keys (and Del, Home etc too). And as a Mac-first user I'd also ideally rather have keycaps for Mac-only keys like Cmd, Option etc. Can anyone recommend the best way to do this? As in, where should I shop, what set might I want, is it possible to get just the keycaps I want and in the matching style, is there a dream keycap set that will do everything I want? I quite like the style and colours of the keys that came with it so something as close to that would be ideal, but form the brief bit of Googling I've attempted on the matter it seems like Vortex's keycaps are somewhat unique... Thanks! * FWIW like others I've had difficulty toggling back-and-forth from Numpad mode.
Jul 17, 2019
bluesky2006First and foremost, go to the vortex website, download and flash the firmware. That should solve most bugs. Keycap style for Vortex Vibe: SA Profile Row 3 Unfortunately for you, different keycap manufacturers use different materials, colors, and printing so even if you buy a similar keycap profile, it most likely won't match the other keycaps the Vortex Vibe comes with. Another option will be to buy a new set. There are many keycap sets you can buy that are high quality and cheap which includes the site
Apr 27, 2019
Is it QMK/TMK programmable?
Jul 17, 2019
dmytro.popovCurrently not. Software based programming is "in progress," and has been for a while now.
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