Vulture Premium Vachetta Camo Apple Watch Straps
Vulture Premium Vachetta Camo Apple Watch Straps
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Product Description
Vachetta leather is an Italian leather that’s traditionally left untreated for a strong patina over time. Popularized by brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach, it plays the starring role in these camo straps designed for the Apple Watch Read More
Italian Leather That Changes With You

Vachetta leather is an Italian leather that’s traditionally left untreated for a strong patina over time. Popularized by brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach, it plays the starring role in these camo straps designed for the Apple Watch. Made in Tuscany, these Vachetta leather straps are crafted by hand using extracts of bark and liquored with animal fats inside of wooden barrels. Then, they’re dyed with aniline colorings and air dried. The result is a natural two-toned look to set your timepiece apart. The leather will darken naturally over time when exposed to heat and sunlight for a look unique to the wearer.

Note: At checkout, choose a color (blue camo, red camo, or woodland camo), a width (38 mm or 42 mm), and a length (short, medium, or long).

Color Options
Blue Camo
Red Camo
Woodland Camo
  • Vulture
  • Material: Vachetta leather
  • 6 holes
  • 1 keeper
  • Made in Italy

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