Yulong SABRE DA8 32bit 384khz DSD DAC

Yulong SABRE DA8 32bit 384khz DSD DAC

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Apr 8, 2014
готов купить.
Feb 26, 2014
Is there any information whether we can expect a new drop on DA8 in February or March or not? Someone here previously wrote that it should happen soon after the end of Chinese new year which is quite a while ago already
Feb 28, 2014
Well, I emailed them about 3 weeks ago, and they said they would know in 1-2 weeks. So I don't know what's happening. Honestly considering just spending another $300 and not having to wait 4 months for this lol.
Feb 4, 2014
Made a poll to try to drum up interest in the new matching A28 fully-balanced amp:
Feb 3, 2014
Yulong have just released the matching fully-balanced amp to this DAC, the new A28.
2.5W into 32ohms! Should really make planars sing, even the HE6...
Might be time to drop this again, along with a drop for the A28? If the A28 and the matching power conditioner (which has dropped before but I forget the model name) were to come up, I'd grab both of them to match the DA8 I already bought here...
And with the new HiFiMan models coming out in a couple months, exciting times in desktop audio for sure!
Jan 7, 2014
Any update on when the next drop on these is going to happen? :)
Dec 24, 2013
Great news everyone! Just found out from head-fi that Yulong just released a new driver including a new ASIO to resolve the issues with J.river 19. The driver is labeled 1.057 and contains x86 and x64 in a single install file... going to install now... I hadn't personally encountered the J.river issue because I have zero DSD material, but the new driver supposedly fixes those issues. Its good to know that Yulong at least responds to feedback, even if there is a language barrier and a little bit of prodding is required. Anyway, heres the download link:
Also, make sure to manually uninstall the old ASIO driver from the control panel, as the installer does not do this automatically. Not much of a hassle but I can see some people getting tripped up if they don't take a glance at the readme file.
Anyways, give it a try and let us know your results...
Dec 21, 2013
Anyone using this as DAC+pre-amp for a regular hifi system (not head-phones) paired with a good power amp? If so, how is it working out, especially compared to using separate DAC and pre-amp?
Dec 21, 2013
All shipped!
Thanks for the support on this drop everyone, and be sure to come back and share your experience of the the DAC with the rest of the group afterwards.
Happy holidays!
Mar 17, 2014
There doesn't seem to be any way to PM Massdrop staff directly, so this'll have to be public. I'm a little confused about the site operation. I posted a poll about a matching amp to this unit by Yulong close to two months ago, and I cannot find said poll by browsing the "Audiophile" poll listings on the polls page. There is also no way to search for the poll on that page, and pasting its name or part thereof into the search box sat the top of the site doesn't turn it up either. However, the poll definitely exists and is accessible by the direct URL:
If it isn't actually exposed to the general public on the polls page or via search, though, it does seem kinda pointless. To date it only has 13 votes, which I suspect are from the two times I posted teh direct link in related discussion threads elsewhere on the site. I don't see it ever making it to 200 votes if nobody can see it. I can find the polls that do appear on the polls page if I type their names into search, but for some reason mine is not exposed either by search or browsing. Any idea what is going on?
Dec 19, 2013
Hey just wanted to say that Massdrop reached out to me to try to make the situation right after the early closure of this massdrop. I had a great experience with the customer service and everything has been worked out. I appreciate the effort from the company in doing all that is within their power to fix it. Thanks!
Dec 18, 2013
I checked this Monday night and it said 4 days left and now it's no longer available?
EDIT: Right, just read the posts explaining what's going on. I'm just a bit upset as I was really looking forward to getting this as a late Christmas present to myself.
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