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Drop SENSE75 Mechanical Keyboard
Meet the SENSE75: Our Newest Keyboard
When we decided to create a new Drop-exclusive keyboard, we didn’t know we would land on a 75% layout. Back in early 2020, we kicked off concepting and preliminary specs around the idea of a gasket-mount keyboard. It was set to be an expansion of our existing lineup—and at the time, popular interest in gasket-mount builds seemed to align with interest in compact layouts. As a result, work on an “Alt Gasket Version” started in earnest with drawings and specifications. It wasn’t long until we noticed a tidal wave of community interest for 75% layouts. In fact, it looked quite clear that 75% was “the new meta”—so ultimately, we decided to follow the community with our take on the 75% layout. That meant starting fresh with new drawings, new designs, and new engineering. Features for Enthusiasts After finalizing the layout, we thought deeply about how to make a typing and customization experience that the community would love. Carefully incorporating user...
Jul 28, 2022
Drop + Booper DCX Deep Space Keycap Set
DCX Deep Space & Booper
My Inspiration for Deep Space In 2014, I was in the market for a new keyboard. I liked the boards that some Starcraft 2 players were using, so after some Googling, I ended up on geekhack reading about the Filco Majestouch. This is when I discovered the world of mechanical keyboards and custom keycap sets. Of course, I immediately started the hunt for something purple! Since I could not find a set in the colors I wanted, I decided "why not try and make my own?" I knew exactly what shade of purple I wanted, but I was not sure about what the theme should be. Space was my first idea, but I was nervous people would expect NASA colors or black. (My vision even included sculpting a little spaceman keycap for the set.) Eventually, I got over the fear and went with my initial inspiration: Deep Space. After lurking geekhack and working on the designs for months, I finally made an account and posted my ideas for the keycap set and interest check! The rest is pretty much history...
Jul 14, 2022
Drop DCX Camillo Keycap Set
Kicking Off With The Classic White-on-Black
While some may say White-on-Black is boring, we call it classic. Starting with White-on-Black lets us really focus on the quality of the keycap and its design, before adding dazzling colors to really make your keyboard pop. Shortly after the release of White-on-Black and its inverse, Black-on-White, we'll have Genesis and a few other colorful releases. Truly Hidden Sprue Marks When plastic products are made with injection molding machines, there’s a tube that the molten plastic needs to go through in order to fill the keycap mold. Once cooled, the plastic product is broken from the runners and there are tiny marks left over on the keycap, these are called sprue marks. Many keycaps have these marks and they’re cleverly hidden on the backside of the keycap where you can’t see it. Despite being out of line of sight, they’re still there. We’ve carefully planned our molds so that these unsightly marks are all located on the underside of the keycap so you won't notice them...
Apr 19, 2022
Drop DCX Camillo Keycap Set
Amazing specs for DCX
A Popular, Familiar Profile Spherical profile keycaps are very polarizing: you either love how they give your fingertips a little hug, or you hate the corners that assault your fingertips if you press the edge or corner of a keycap. By adding the DCX profile to our family, we now have a more comprehensive offering for keyboard fans. The subtle cylindrical sculpting provides for a relaxed typing experience that is similar to what is found on office keyboards around the globe. Meticulous Details and Design The DCX legends have ruler-straight lines, fully filled interior islands, and nicely squared corners. In addition to ensuring high-quality production processes, we were particularly deliberate with the typeface and layout decisions of every single keycap. Every legend has been meticulously reviewed and purposefully placed so that characters are aligned with one another, scaled appropriately, non-slanted, and properly spaced. The following is a production photo straight from the...
Apr 8, 2022