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What headphones should I buy now?

So my first "audiophile" headphones were the AKG 7XX which I paired up with the shiit fulla 2 then I bought a fidelio X2. Both headphones I use with a shiit fulla 2. Im looking at what to buy now as I have no clue. I like both headphones but i feel like the X2 fits me more because I listen to more modern music and the X2 sound very fun I geuss. But the sound stage is so small compared to the AKG 7XX. I can't use the X2 for gaming but the AKG 7XX works amazingly well for gaming. Im looking for a headphone with sound stage and pairs well with modern music. I was looking at the fostex THX00 but then after looking at reviews it appears that they have a very narrow soundstage. Also what new AMP/DAC would go well with the headphones as im pretty sure whatever headphones you all recommend me , I am not gonna be able to power them with a shiit fulla 2. Budget wise definately less then 1500. I have spend no more than 200 dollars on any of my items as you can see but I am ready to spend more money after having a taste of this "audiophile" goodness.

Sundara is good like Rham said. but u seem to be cruising into the abyss anyways so, I say get the Focal Clear for a bit more or less then your max budget depending if u can find a deal on them (on sale at the moment). For 1500$ retail, u get every cable u will every need with it and a nice carrying case. As for an amp, get the Questyle CMA400i or Jotunheim with multibit or Massdrop x Cavalli LCX + Balanced SDAC.
Its on sale and u wont beat it. https://www.amazon.com/Focal-CLEAR-Clear-Headphones/dp/B0767HQ8V1
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Bro. The questyle or jotuneheim is better? The jotunheim gives out more power
jotunheim is a better value BUT u can also check out the Lyr 3 both are pretty equal
Based on everything you've said, I vote for the HiFiMan Sundara (best sounding open back I have found for under $1k, impressive sound stage and much deeper bass and better transparency than both of those), Mjolnir Audio Dynalo, and you are left with enough for one of the Massdrop DACs or Schiit or the ODAC.
I don't think I am able to get one of the Mjolnir Audio Dynalo as its gonna be kinda hard for me to pay for it considering the whole process of emailing them and stuff. Would you recommend another Amp??
Used pre-made Bottlehead S.E.X.