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What do I need, to hook up my new amp/dac with sources?

I'm new with amp/dac's, and I'm not sure of the best ways to hook up my sources. I just pulled the trigger on the "Massdrop Liquid Carbon X + SDAC DAC/Amp" and I'm planning of driving them with all my headphones. My sources are as follows:
Apple TV (4th Gen)- Does not have an optical out; only HDMI.
MacBook Pro (Only has USB-C)
iPhone XS Max (I own a USB/Lightning adapter)
Xbox One X- This one seems straightforward since it offers a lot of options.
Pioneer Elite Receiver-Most of my sources run off it. For simplicity reasons, is it possible to keep my sources connected to my receiver, and just passing sound to my LCX? I believe it only has one HDMI-passthrough, if that matters.
I'm very excited to test out the LCX. I just need help on what cables I should buy and, which adapters are needed to hook up my sources.

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Oct 28, 2018
I think you might be in a bit of jam, the only way I can see you getting a result is to hook up your Liquid Carbon X to your receive and have your receiver pass through the signal via a line-out somewhere on the Pioneer unit, could be like a 3.5mm line out or perhaps a RCA line-out on the back of the Pioneer?! It would make you built-in SDAC redundant as you'd only be able to run the signal from the receiver to your Liquid Crimson Line-in on the back. Sorry bud, I can't help ya much there!
Oct 28, 2018
VollyThank you!
That's a good looking collection you have there
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