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New amp/dac help for Hifiman XS

Previously I had a Philips x2hr and Focusrite Scarlett solo as an audio interface. For context, I mainly just play games where positional audio is important, but I also do some home music creation and have a xlr mic. I just ordered a Hifiman xs and was debating the purchase of the modi-magni schitt stack. Mainly, I wanted to know if I would get a justifiable improvement(if I should even bother buying the amp and dac) and if there were any potential better alternatives considering black friday is just 5 days away. Also to clarify, the magni heresy(heretic on the website?) is generally considered better, and if I wanted to keep my xlr mic I just use the audio interface as input and the stack as output?
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Nov 21, 2022
On paper, upgrading to a Schitt stack is the way to go. Subjectively, it varies from person to person. I personally would upgrade to a DAC/AMP stack, and keep the scarlett only for input. Windows OS will let you use the stack for output and the Scarlett for input, just can't output audio to both at the same time. There's all kind of alternative DAC/AMPS: JDS Labs, FiiO, and Xduoo all sell some cool stuff. There's also the Objective O2 amp from nwavguy, that's a pretty famous and well regarded amp.
Nov 22, 2022
Kane11I11Thank you!
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