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Cost: Free
what will be included: Headphone/speaker & other audio gear demos buffet style food giveaways
Time: 11am - 1:00 pm
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Also make sure to follow us @ to be updated of any changes
Avi.S, Sun Burn, and 4 others

Hello guys. We are very excited about the meeting happening tomorrow ! We went down to audio excellence to help with setting things up ! Here is a little teaser !
Final audio and audio excellence expressed their intent to do awesome giveaways at this event ! Also soulsikreviews, ourselves might do one too if enough people show up !
only few days left until this meeting!
Another exciting news !
Final audio's Sonorous X will also be there for demo !
EXCITING NEWS !!! Few companies have agreed to bring in further products for this meeting !Our Toronto Meet and Greet on June 10th will feature HIFIMAN SUSVARAIn Sanskrit, SUSVARA means all the world‘s harmonious and melodious sounds. As our finest planar phone, it was initially named Edition 6 and received high praise at several prestigious audio events. In consideration of Edition 6’s acoustic performance that has surpassed any product in the HE or EDITION lines, it deserved a dedicated model name and that is: SUSVARA. It has achieved huge strides in terms of openness, transparency, and detail, so that it now sounds almost like a ‘junior’ version of the Shangri-La electrostatic. HIFIMAN SUSVARA is available now to order with a U.S. MSRP of $6000 (CAD$8500) Shipments will commence in May. SUSVARA Specifications Frequency Response : 6Hz-75kHz Impedance : 60Ω Sensitivity : 83dB Weight : 450g (15.9oz) AUDIO Tube Headphone AMP HA2 SE…/There is a big buzz now for this little tube amplifier from Serbia. What can be more exciting to pair it together with SUSVARA or HE1000 V2 or a pair of Final Sonorous !Additionally, a SURPRISE will be waiting for everyone as we have 2 amazing products from RUSSIA and ROMANIA coming in for demo as well !
Congrats... wich I could live in Toronto for those awsome goodies... hope the best for this awsome company....
This is cool! Good luck guys.
thank you ~