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Massdrop x THX AAA 789 Linear Amplifier - Sold Out!

Hey Massdropp'ers, Thanks to huge demand for the Massdrop x THX AAA 789 Linear Amplifier, the units are now sold out. If you didn't get a chance to purchase one of the 789s (aka one of the best performing, best reviewed headphone amplifiers available) don't fret! We're working with the Massdrop team to offer you another drop as soon as we can. In the meantime, check out these 789 reviews: Massdrop
Reddit Here's wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season filled with lots of achromatic listening! ~Team THX
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Please go back to the drawing board on the production side of things. Trickling out a few hundred units isn't going to get us there. I've just bought a top end DAC, and I'm looking for the perfect amp to pair it with, but no 789 available!!!????
Hi THX can you please give us an update on the MAY shipping of these 789 AMPs? Is it all going on schedule for mid May shipping? Thanks.
Eagerly awaiting the next drop! I have money set aside this time, ready to pounce!
When will it be available again ? I have waited since 2017 !
Uhm, first drop launched in March 2018...
Hi @THX Ltd. I've been trying to get in touch with someone about repair information for my broken THX 789 amplifier. Massdrop apparently doesn't have contact info and emails I've sent to y'all haven't been returned. Thanks!
Hi @cwelton17 , please send your personal contact info to and we'll make sure you get connected to the right folks at Massdrop. Thanks!
I actually caught myself a spot for a second "quiet" drop at around 2AM on February 5th (2019). Was already in the market for an external headphone amp after finally giving up following the endless struggle with my Creative SoundBlaster X AE-5 flagship card combined with Creative's absolute travesty of DAC software suite, Sound Connect 2. Snagged it right then and there, and got myself a Massdrop x LiquidCarbon SDAC/Amp on an in-stock offer to tide me over until the THX AAA 789 ships this May, upon which I'll pipe the audio from the SDAC/Amp (running as a pre-amp) into the THX. The really crazy thing is that only couple of hours later, the drop ended! I was shocked at how fast they went! If you want in on this hardware, I suggest you set up some kind of snipe bot to land you a spot in line for the next ninja-drop! In hindsight I almost feel dumb having spent so much money on mid-level SDAC/Amp + S-tier Amp with balanced 4-pin cables, and not investing more in the actual cans I'd be listening with (HD58X). Current headphones are amazing, I don't know what I'd even look towards as an upgrade, so I can't wait to hear what the setup sounds like with the THX addition in May. *excite!*
Any chance of another drop for this item?
I await one that will ship to Aus.
@THX Ltd. totally missed this drop! Didn’t know it was limited :(
Me, waiting for the return of this drop...

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Seems like we have to wait at least more 7w until next drop All I guess
It won't ship to Australia... damn.
I need another one..
Please tell me there is another drop coming soon! I just found out about this particular amp and I need one like yesterday!
This sucks. The drop never seems to have happened... clicked the received link and... nothing. Massdrop is a fraud.
Yes yes. I understang
And yet you're posting almost a month later. It was up for two days, then sold out again. Snooze ya lose.
I am interested too in next drop
When do you start new drop?
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Can I use two headphone(HE560& HD6XXX) on THXAAA amplifier at the same time? I want to share the music with my wife.
I have used (2) sets of HD6XX headphones at the same with this amp. I was not expecting that ability, however, it was a nice surprise. Being able to share the experience with someone else is great.
Short of the slight misalignment of the gain settings knob, I'm loving mine. I can't hear any noise on high gain at max volume, the pass through is silent, and it has tons of power. The only reason I can see buying another amp is for a unique sound signature, e.g. tubes or op amp rolling capability.